No Kill Option Engaged Achievement

  • No Kill Option Engaged



    Completed the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher

    I personally recommend stacking this achievement with your Perfectionist playthrough, since you won't really want to do any killing on Perfectionist anyways. Alternatively, you can reload campaign missions on a lower difficulty whenever you want and work on them one by one. This essentially means that this achievement does not have to be done in a single playthrough. Keep in mind that the Prologue does not count towards this achievement.

    Avoid using any lethal gadgets and takedowns throughout each mission. After the short interrogation scenes where Sam has the option to "Spare" or "Kill" the enemy, always spare them! You should only really have to rely on three things.

    1. When possible, avoid detection entirely
    2. Fully upgraded sonar goggles (if playing outside of Perfectionist)
    3. Non-lethal gadgets
      • Sticky Noisemaker: This gadget can help lure enemies away from their position or towards your own for a non-lethal takedown.
      • Tri-Rotor: The Tri-Rotor is extremely helpful as it can survey areas ahead, mark targets, and even knock out enemies with sticky shockers or sleeping gas.
      • Smoke Grenade: This grenade can be used to create diversions, allowing you to quickly slip past enemies.
      • Sleeping Gas: A personal favorite of mine, as it can knock out a group of guards immediately, rendering them unconscious.
      • Proximity Shocker: This throwable proximity mine sticks to any surface and will knock out any enemies who get close - this is perfect for hostiles who are patrolling an area back and forth.
      • Tactical Crossbow: If you have access to this pre-order bonus, it's sticky shockers are hands down the best non-lethal gadget in the game - the regular crossbow has noisemakers, EMP darts, and sleeping gas which is just as helpful.

    Take note that there are certain missions that make you play a small portion of the level as Briggs or Grim. Killing enemies while playing as them does not void the achievement.

  • sweet, i think ill just run past all the enemies on rookie difficulty. i'm not a pro at stealth so i won't get this with perfectionist difficulty
  • The way this is worded makes me think you may have to play missions as someone else. Anyone else agree?
  • @2 it could also mean you can direct AI to kill people, and it just means you can't personally kill someone with your own hands, but who knows, you may be right, or we may both be wrong.
  • @3 Most likely not, this is splinter cell. You have the option to knock someone out rather than break their neck. This is prbably what they mean.
  • airstrikes maybe and number 3 u might be right as sam is now the leader of fourth echelon and 4 in conviction you got to play as vic in the iraq level
  • @6 what the fuck, dude? not everyone's a professional at SC
  • This achievement makes me happy. One of my gripes with Conviction was that I felt that the game wanted you do kill everyone. One of the main reasons I love Splinter Cell is because it lets you be sneaky and stealthy and bypass enemies if you time everything right.
  • This looks great.
  • Yeah, this seems pretty hard. But hopefully there is some kind of NG+ mode to keep all the gadgets we unlock, so to make this much easier on a second playthrough. I'm sure we will be getting lots of useful gadgets to help with this. It's nice to know that EVERY mission will allow you to play stealthy if you really want to. It seems to address everyone's complaints about Splinter Cell no longer being about stealth. Well, if you want it to be, it can be. It just gives everyone else an option to go loud if they want.
  • I hope that this game returns to the roots of Splinter Cell. Conviction was good but a little too much combat for SC.
  • Nice, this is the king of achievement i was hoping to see. However, something about this game smells like it's gonna be easy, even on perfectionist. Hope im wrong!
  • 3 lights on sams head = half life 3 confirmed!
  • I am curious if this achievement is attainable on a mission by mission progress, or that it has to be done all at once in a single playthrough?
  • #14 You should always just do it in a single playthrough if you're worried.
  • My guess for the "Sam Fisher" part means that you can't be playing as Briggs from Co op for it to count.
  • There are also some portions of the campaign where you play as Briggs to provide air support, or a drone strike, and Briggs never has the option for non-lethal takedowns. If you select a mission briefing (with the bumpers you can show the missions you've already completed) and then hit right bumper, you can see if you have completed it w/out any kills. Since they track this mission by mission, I would hope that you could do them in any order.
  • I will enjoy every second of it on perfectionist!
  • Hey everyone. I completed the first actual level and accidentally killed someone in the final room where Kobin is located. I went back and completed the level without killing anyone. You think my 'cheevo will still pop at the end of the game?
  • Very early in the first level you're forced to kill to guards as Sam, as the game is teaching you the mark and execute feature. Can anyone confirm this does not affect the achievement?
  • @20 use stun gun not pistol. Then in the info about mission it said I didn't kill anyone in that level.
  • It's really not that hard. I'm half way through the game without killing anyone and I'm playing it on "perfectionist."
  • Anyone know if killing dogs count against this? I know it says anyONE but Id much rather be safe than sorry lol.
  • Do you just have to complete each level with 0 kills? Like if I kill someone in level 2 play and go back and replay it with 0 kills will it count or what? Because from what I can tell there's no way to restart the game unless you delete your save, you just reselect which missions to play
  • Yay! This achievement doesn't actually unlock. Shitty way to end such an awful game.
  • Going to have trouble with this one, I shall just continue doing the game on Perfectionist and try it when I complete that.
  • Does anyone know if this is just the main story or the 4E missions too?
  • it is main story. i have an interesting question though SUPER SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the last level you secretly play as Briggs, you dont find out until right at the end. Im wondering if you can kill anyone you want in the last level until you take control of Fisher at the end?
  • Each campaign mission says whether or not you've completed it without killing anyone as Sam Fisher. Once you select the mission on the SMI, press RB until you see the objectives screen. If there's a green check mark next to the objective for not killing anyone as Sam, then you're good just on that one mission.
  • I just got this achievement a few minutes ago, I can confirm that the secondary missions don't break the achievement (at least the horde style survival one didn't, it was the only one I killed on but I assume it works for all of them) and despite how it looks at the very end confrontation, you can shoot, mash x & then hit x without messing it up.
  • It is extremely easy to stay non-lethal. Just make sure that your hand to hand settings are set to "Non-Lethal" (by holding a button on the d-pad and pressing X (on xbox 360 consoles) so that "Non-Lethal" is highlighted).  The most important thing to know about how to get this achievement, is that it only requires you to go non-lethal through every single player campaign mission. It does not matter what order.  To check your progress, follow these directions:  1) Go into the SMI map.  2) Click RB or LB until it shows "Campaign Missions" in the filter. 3) Put the cursor over the mission you want to check.  4) Press A for details. 5) Press RB to see your progress for that mission, and if you've completed it non-lethally, it will be checked off. You can get non-lethal takedowns
  • using sleeping gas, stun gun, sticky shockers, proximity shockers, tri-rotor sticky shockers, and by probably many more that I haven't menioned.  Make sure you DO NOT. •DO NOT use any weapon other than your special weapon to take down a hostile non-lethally.  •DO NOT shoot bodies. Hostiles are asleep after you knock them out. Anything that would harm a person in real life, would probably harm the AI in the game (blowing up barrels, blowing up drones, throwing explosive grenades, shooting bodies, and throwing bodies, or thowing them out windows, dropping bodies into water or off edges, etc.).  •DO NOT take human shields and get them shot.  •DO NOT kill dogs. Although I am not 100% sure about this, I wouldn't take the risk. Just stun the dogs or throw sleeping gas at them. 
  • Although I am not 100% sure about this, I wouldn't take the risk. Just stun the dogs or throw sleeping gas at them.  You can do side missions, like co-op missions and Spies Vs. Mercs, and kill all you want, and it won't interrupt your progress.
  • Crossbow ftw! It's really your best option for a non-lethal playthrough, can get you out of any situation that quickly went wrong. One video, all achievements:
  • with the crossbow, this is extremely easy, I did it while playing at perfectionnist difficulty, it took me about 10 hours of gameplay, maybe even less, without much trouble
  • I can confirm that kills with Briggs do not count against you. Just completed the only mission I had failed non kills on (Transit) and killed only as Briggs, non lethal as Fisher. Achievement unlocked.
  • Spoiler Alert: Do Not Read if you haven't completed the game. Does anyone know about that last level where you are Briggs disguised as Fisher? Also, does anyone know if you can replay the levels if you have already finished, to get this achievement?
  • This wasn't a hard achievement to get. Just press A on the level you want to play then press RB. If there is a check next to box that says "Completed without Sam Fisher killing anyone." Then you don't have to play that level. Easy. :)

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