Tri-Rotor Functionality Achievement

  • Tri-Rotor Functionality



    Used the Tri-Rotor to disable a security device

    This can be done in the very beginning of the "Special Missions HQ" mission. As soon as the mission starts, take cover behind the nearby wall and deploy the Tri-Rotor. Steer it to the security camera on the left side of the building and press to shoot a sticky shocker at it. This will disable the camera and unlock the achievement.

  • Mission: Special Missions HQ This can be done in the very beginning of "Special Missions HQ". Right after this mission starts you can see some surveilance cameras. Hide behind a wall and release your Tri-Rotor drone. Steer it to the camera and press X to shoot a sticky shocker dart. This will destroy the camera and the achievement will pop soon after.
  • Charlie will start a mission by saying he upgraded the Tri-Rotor to take out a security device, but that's part of the mission and won't count towards the achievement. However, right after that there's a house full of lasers for you to take out by detonating the Tri-Rotor. One video, all achievements:
  • Easy way is to take out a camara.

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