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    Mastered Mark & Execute

    To actually unlock this, you will need to kill a total of six enemies in under 14 seconds with Mark & Execute. In order to do that, you will need to find an area in the game that has AT LEAST SEVEN enemies all near each other. Make sure you do this on the Rookie difficulty and equip your strongest OPS Suit as you may take heavy damage.

    The second mission, Insurgent Stronghold, is the best place to get this done. Soon after traversing through a tunnel, you will receive a checkpoint as Grimm mentions how there are "only a few guards up ahead." Climb up the wall and take cover immediately. Describing this method in text will only confusing you, so follow the video below for the best representation of how to get this done:

  • Glitched... the only one I need for my 1000 gs
  • I did this 3 times and it never unlocked for me.
  • Not glitched, you have to make sure all the kills are weapon and not melee. Took me a few attempts but I just unlocked it.
  • How do you get this one?
  • Has to be glitched. I've tried 10+ times, gun only and unsuppressed rifles. Most time I've used is 8 seconds and still can't get it. Tried just like both the videos in the achievement guide. @ #4 Check the achievement guide :-) http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=515966
  • Mark and Execute 6 enemies in under 14 seconds.This can also be done on co-op, each mark 3 you execute any three, partner performs a takedown on another enemy who isn't marked and then you execute the last three.
  • Same here. I've done this more than 10 times and each time I copy the YouTube video almost exactly and no cheevo
  • This achievement didn't unlock for either. I think we all are doing it correctly but it's glitched. I have tried all methods described on numerous sites. I have even deleted and redownloaded the game and patches. I think we may have to wait for the patch.
  • It just won't unlock for me. I must be doing it a bit to slow. Anyone down to try this in co-op? GT: Aversion X
  • Edit: no longer need the achievement. Got it. :D
  • I tried it a ton of times, I thought it was glitched, but maybe I just wasn't fast enough. Just keep trying guys. You can check how I did it in the video below if you need help. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • This one was doing my head in,i thought it must be a bit glitchy.I'd followed the 2 videos from the achievement guide but it still didn't unlock so I timed myself and it seems 14 secs goes by a lot quicker than I was estimating. Anyways there is a thread on the forum page specifically titled for this achievement,with a written description by BiggD(Achmnt guide author),which really helped me as I got it on my first attempt using that method.The type of gun makes no difference either by the way.
  • FINALLY!! thanks number 12
  • You can only get 6 kills by mark and execute in 14 seconds. You have to take out 3 guys, non-lethal a 4th, then execute another 3. If you kill between the two then it breaks the chain
  • Can someone help me with this one in coop I'll return the favour FATCHICKPOUNDER message me if u can help
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 I'm going to try to do this myself, but if I can't I'm interested in boosting it and of course will return the favor. Please hit me up, I'm on right now.
  • Hi guys, I need help with this too, my gamertag : nmsgwewse
  • I went to the "Safe House" level where you find Kobin. I used ceramic armour and a SVU. When you find the dead CIA agent, you end up on the roof tops. When you go down the zip line, knockout the guard on the way down for an execute. Then switch to your SVU and sonars and highlight the 3 guys in a group.(14 second timer doesn't start till you execute the first 3) Jump the wall quick and execute them and immediate charge at the 4th guy on the right and knock him out for an execute. Then 4 or 5 more guys will be on the next rooftop, sonar goggles or not, mark and execute 3 out of the 4 and shoot them quick. That's how I got it anyways. Loud weapons to alert the enemies so you will have 4 or 5 on the next rooftop instead of 2. Ceramic armour because the 4th guy whom you knockout for the ne
  • ....for the next execute might kill you if you have low armour. Use no lethal takedowns because it requires 6 kills in a row in executes, not 3, then a lethal takedown, then another 3. I got this in about 10 mins so I thought I'd share lol.
  • A pain to get this, using the guide I failed it 9 times (four because one guy continually spawned in the wrong place), but a satisfaction getting it on the tenth.
  • Can anyone help with this one? Can't seem to get it send me a message gt is my name
  • I tried at this about four or five times and didn't get it on insurgent stronghold. I was playing all armored up with no results and it became such a pain. I tried a more subtle approach in the same spot with all stealth gear and got it on the first try. I think you have to remain undetected when you finish killing the six targets. I was on normal difficulty and used the silenced Sc sniper. When you are under the bridge try to have an execute ready. Making your way under the bridge and into the immediate structure. Three targets are here. Two on your level and the third up the stairs doing practice shots on a target.target all three and while standing you should be able to execute them. I stood near one enemy so that during the execute I would hand to hand kill him and get another exe
  • cute. Immediately after this I targeted three more targets within range of the goggles. Use whichever way is easiest to get to bridge level step out and kill the next three. There's a fourth enemy on the bridge but hes oblivious so just shoot him and that should clear the area. The achievement popped immediately for me. So fast in fact it had popped after the third shot, but before the slo-mo sequence had ended.
  • thanks to #12,got this by doing it the same way as the guide vid.Last achievement in the bank.
  • Perhaps you just need to use Mark & Execute a lot? I am playing through on Rookie (completely hopeless at this game). I have just made it to the third mission, the part where you first encounter hostages. I marked and executed the two guys when you first enter the room and the achievement popped. I've been using Mark & Execute every chance I get. Failing that, perhaps it is glitched.
  • Having trouble getting this on Single Player. Hit me up if you want to help each other get it on co-op. Gamertag: The Red Forrest.
  • Fuck this achievement!
  • If anybody needs help with this message me as I have this and will help u get it
  • Sorry my gt is FATCHICKPOUNDER
  • Type of weapon DOES matter as the sniper rifle can perform mark and execute at way longer distances
  • Use the video in this guide, so easy got it on my second attempt.
  • Quite easy, got it on like 5th try and only because 2 times guards spawned in completely different places, this location is best for this, like shown or vid, just keep trying.
  • I would some help with this one Gt man up on that
  • I did it faster than the video a number of times (I had a friend time it on a split program), with no success. After many attempts I got it with a time just under 13 seconds. I think the trick is to keep trying and get lucky with a fast kill animation on the fourth guy.
  • I got this achievemnt on the Pakistani Embassy 4E mission playing solo. I used the SR sniper rifle. At the beginning of wave two, standing in front of the embassy looking out to the road, I sprinted to the top right part of the map and up the stairs. An enemy spawned through a door up in the ruins, who I executed. Four enemies walked up the stairs into the ruins to investigate... I ran into the middle of the them, used the mark/execute on three enemies, then used a lethal takedown on the one remaining enemy. I then sprinted down the stairs onto the road just as a bunch of enemies spawned to the left of the Embassy (the ruins were now behind me). I used the mark/execute on three more enemies and got the achievement. There can be a lot of trial and error using this method, but I had fu
  • n doing it. The claims that you can use a lethal takedown in between the 1st and 2nd mark/execute are completely false. Any take down works. You just have to be really fast, as 14 seconds goes by fairly quickly.
  • The claims that you cant***
  • just to confirm, do not kill in between mark and execute, just use a knock out. i have just unlocked this after many failed attempts, soon is i switched to knock outs it unlocked straight away.
  • Did this 2nd try on Pakistani Embassy - 2nd wave -- make sure u have an excution ready fr,I'm 1st wave -- google the name of this achievement & it's the 1st video 2+ min
  • #35 is right,very easy to get,just wear strongest armor and use long range weapon,there should be 10 enemies,more than enough.
  • Fuck this achievement in its ass. Good luck to everyone else, tried for an hour, it's not worth the 10 points
  • I just had this pop after mark & executing 3 guys on Insurgent Stronghold. lol WTF?

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