Hostile Shield Secured Achievement

  • Hostile Shield Secured



    Snuck up & stole the shield from a Shielded Infantryman

    You will encounter your first Shielded Infantryman at the end of "Special Missions HQ" mission. A short cutscene will begin when you enter a large room and he will appear alongside three soldiers. Take out the other enemies first so only the Shielded Infantryman remains. Sneak up behind him to take him out with hand-to-hand combat or your weapon. When he drops his shield, pick it up and the achievement is yours.

    Alternatively, you can obtain this in Kobin's first COOP mission, Opium Farm. If you follow the left side of the map from the beginning, you will come to an open garage with a Shielded Infantryman looking out into a courtyard. Sneak up behind him, knock him out, then pick up his shield.

  • Mission: Special Missions HQ You will encounter an enemy with a shield at the end of "Special Missions HQ". You really can't miss this. A short cutscene will begin to play when you enter the room. Take out the other enemies and let the Infantryman get closer to you. Shoot his shield until he breaks down. Now you have a couple of seconds to get behind him and take him out with hand to hand combat. Press X to do so. Now pick up his shield and the achievement should unlock.
  • Hand to Hand takedown the Shielded guy, then pick his shield from the floor. If you've got a coop partner, there's a shielded guy at the start of the first Briggs mission (Smugglers Coumpound). If not, Special Missions HQ is a good place like Pyx said. One video, all achievements:

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