Hostages Secured Achievement

  • Hostages Secured



    Saved the hostages in the Transit Yards

    At the very end of Mission 7, Transit Yards, you will be pursuing the lead Engineer aboard a train. Make sure you don't shoot any civilians or use any explosive gadgets when taking out the enemies inside the carts. When you reach the end of the train, there will be two civilian hostages. Do not move forward! Quickly throw some sleeping gas in between both hostiles to knock them out. The achievement will unlock after the cutscene begins.

  • Mission: Transit Yards This can be done at the very end of the Transit Yards mission. That's the 7th main mission. After defusing all bombs you will be in a train with some enemies and civilians. Once you reach the end of the train, two enemies will take hostages and use them as human shields. If you get to close or start shooting around they will kill the hostages. To save them you should throw sleeping gas. You can buy sleeping gas on your airplane (headquarters) at any time. Alternatively, you could also mark the enemies and use your execution ability to kill them immediately.
  • The proximity shock mine also works well here, the civs aren't injured by it
  • Sonar goggles work wonders here. Scan the last train before entering it, mark the two enemies, and execute as soon as you get in. They don't even have time to grab the hostages. One video, all achievements:
  • Thanks for the hints!
  • sonar, mark, execute. cake.

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