Mission Footprint Zero Achievement

  • Mission Footprint Zero



    Completed a single player mission undetected

    You can attempt this achievement on any of the missions after the Prologue. The first mission, Safehouse, is one of the easiest and shortest missions to get this on. Make sure not a single enemy shoots at you or rings any alarms. The Detection Meter (half circle that fills up when they see you) above their head may never turn red. If it does, you have been detected and must to restart from your last checkpoint! If the half circle turns fully white, you still have a chance to quickly take them out.

    I suggest doing this on the Rookie difficulty, as the enemies reaction time is much slower. Also make sure to hide any bodies you knock out so they cannot be found. Like any good ghost operative, use cover often and try to find alternate routes around each area you encounter. You can replay campaign missions at any point by accessing the SMI in the Paladin. You'll be able to keep all the gear you've already purchased, thus making this achievement much easier.

    Be sure to check out THIS THREAD to find a video of a successful undetected run on Safehouse.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsZCSYgOOW0 Mission: Safehouse "Safehouse" is the first main mission after the prologue. It's one of the easiest and shortest missions. When attempting this achievement, the enemies may never shoot at you or ring an alarm. Their "attention meter" (the half circle that fills up when they see you) may never turn red! If it turns red you have been detected and need to restart. If the half circle turns all white, you are still good to go. As long as you kill them quick enough before it turns red it's all fine. When playing on rookie they won't see you that easily.
  • I would also recommend the third mission (Insurgent Stronghold) in Mirawa, Iraq. There are only 4 (including the first area with a measly 2 or 3 enemies clumped together) areas with enemies and I only had to knock 2 enemies out (or 3 if you want to pick up the laptop as well). PS. This was on professional. I found it too hard to not get spotted at all in Safehouse as there are a couple of more annoying choke points.
  • @1 When you mean 'Restart' do you mean restart mission? Or can you revert to last checkpoint?
  • Restarting checkpoint works. Just did it.

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