Combined Op Successful Achievement

  • Combined Op Successful



    Completed a COOP mission with a teammate


    Although you can work on certain COOP missions by yourself, you will want to find a partner who will play through at least one of the missions with you for this achievement. Kobin and Grimm's COOP missions are all about stealth, while Charlie and Briggs's are a mix of both stealth and combat. Upon successful completion of a single COOP mission with your partner, the achievement will unlock for you both.

  • If anyone is interested in doin coop my gamer tag is Filip36365
  • Just like to add to my comment, no little kids and preferably someone with a mic
  • if anyone whats to do these add me GT: xNSHD prefer you to have a mic and clearly speak english.
  • Anyone wants a coop buddy for these missions hit me up. GT Carra100
  • I need help w/these co-op missions. Bad news though, my turtle beaches are busted($120 down the drain FML) and the only mic I have is the Fisher Price one that MS gives you w/the console and I'd prefer not to use it but I will if you demand a mic. GT: bostonmobb0341
  • Yeah Im down for any coop/Spies v mercs achievements GT: Big Aidos
  • If anyone wants to do all the co op achievements friend me, vani7y insani7y. It be better if you have a mic.
  • need someone to do the coop/spies v mercs achievements with. i can use a mic if you ask. GT is Adidasonthafeet
  • looking for a coop partner. GT: nagahshadow
  • Looking for someone to boost all the multiplayer achievements. My GT is UnchainedStorm . send me an invite or pm if you are interested, i have a headset.
  • so i'm getting this game in the next couple of weeks if anybody is interested in doing this my gamertag is vadoooom335 i have a headset send me a message
  • vadoooom335, count me in - uberp3t3r, need help with some Coop achievements, Combined Op Successful Complete a COOP mission with a teammate Lead Interrogator Win the COOP interrogation in VORON Station Elite Killing Team Dual Execute with a teammate to take down a helmeted enemy
  • alright i sent u a message uberp3t3r i need help with a couple multiplayer achivments as well cause i dont want to go and try for achivments in multiplayer i want to have fun
  • Yo I down for some coop help but I don't have a mic anyone down just send me friend request its incrediblehulk.
  • Need help with all the online achievements GT:erobert3
  • Looking for help with any of the multiplayer achievements? Send me a message on Xbox! (unless I die I will always be available) GT: Triple g 101

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