Infiltration Operator Achievement

  • Infiltration Operator



    Completed all of Anna Grímsdóttir's 4th Echelon Missions


    Grim's missions can be done solo, or with a partner via LIVE or split-screen.

    These missions can be launched by speaking to her inside the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. Her missions promote the Ghost and Panther playstyles as they will task you with infiltrating an enemy stronghold in order to hack computers or retrieve data. Bring your stealthiest OPS Suit, a silenced weapon, and your favorite set of non-lethal gadgets. If you are detected on any of the missions, you must restart from the beginning. Good luck!

    Remember to be on the lookout for Dead Drops, Blacklist Laptops, and HVT's during all COOP missions. You can check your mission details in the SMI to see if you have missed any.

  • Mmm so there'll be secondary objectives? That should add some replay value
  • From what I heard, character's missions are for the coop mode.
  • It's probably Sam trying to spell her second name.
  • @ 2 Yes, and no. There are three sets of side missions: Grim, Briggs, and Charlie Grim and Charlie ones can be done solo, Briggs is mandatory co-op but can be done locally. Also, Grim's missions (3 of them to get this achievement) are about stealth, so if you get spotted, the mission is scrapped.

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