Combined Operator Achievement

  • Combined Operator



    Completed all of Isaac Briggs 's 4th Echelon Missions


    Briggs's missions are mandatory COOP, but can be done via LIVE or split-screen.

    His missions can be launched by speaking to him in the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. These particular set of missions are more of a story-driven COOP experience, rather than simply retrieving information or fending off waves of enemies. You can approach these missions with whichever playstyle you prefer. Just remember these cannot be done solo!

  • Looking for a dedicated player to work on this achievement and other co op achievements. Hit me up my gt is troyjanman21.
  • Hi all, I'm really stuck at the last part off the last coop mission, Abandoned City, the part where Sam and Briggs are stuck sitting on ground defending the patient, if anyone doesn't mind helping out or wants me to work through the co-ops with them just hit me up....GT Carra100 Peace :-)
  • looking to do these and all co-op mission. prefer you have a mic and a good attitude. not this gung-ho im going to kill everything and you can just stay behind me type player. if interested add me gt: TattedDad3
  • KESTREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm looking for a talking partner to help me go Ghost or Panther so we can get the HVT, Laptop & Dead Drop in the last two co-op missions. I can then help you with any you may need help with afterwards! GT: MRriNICKulous
  • Pretty sure this last mission is glitched. Two friends have told me that at the end you are stuck and the game won't let you finish. Hope they fix it.
  • Nevermind, got past it. Ran through it on easy to see if it was glitched and it ended up working. Maybe the harder difficulties are glitched?
  • Looking for someone to run through coop missions with, preferably with a mic and I would like to keep it stealthy. GT: EyeTouchMyUnit
  • Looking for anyone to knock this achievement out. Gt: deadman6192007
  • Looking for a co op partner for this . GT: x iKrueLTyyy
  • Will someone do the last two with me? GT = AfterTheFire I want the oron station interrogation cheevo too
  • Anyone wants to do this along with all the co-op achievements and 'Seven Day Duty Shift' and 'Support ops' Add me, GT: Lt Fierce. Am online most days.
  • Looking to do the coop missions and pick up the collectables. I am free most weekends. GT: Lance Merdock
  • I'm looking for a partner to play Briggs' missions. Along the way I'd like to get the collectibles (HVT, Dead Drops, Laptops) and perhaps go for the COOP achievement for winning the COOP interrogation. If anyone is interested please message me on XBL and we'll help each other out. I'm usually online late nights any day of the week. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Looking for partner for all coop achievements. GT: ColoringGarrett
  • someone needs help too?
  • GT: Antonio2032
  • Looking for partner for all co-op achievements GamerTag is TREX1979 It's March 18,2014 -- Looking for help
  • Looking for fellow STEALTH player for all co-op achievements...ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER GT: FURburger241
  • Im looking for for a buddy to do this with and possibly the other missions to, would prefer somebody who is stealthy and has a mic so we can comunicate. Gamertag: FGG Crazyface29
  • Im looking for for a buddy to do this with and possibly the other missions to, would prefer somebody who is stealthy and has a mic so we can comunicate. Gamertag: FGG Crazyface29
  • need someone to do the coop/spies v mercs achievements with. i can use a mic if you ask. GT is Adidasonthafeet
  • I am looking to do all the co op missions and collect the dead drops, HVTs and laptops along the way. My gamer tag is IHateMrDollop
  • Anyone wants a Coop partner for co op missions and collect coop achievements and the dead drops, HVTs, laptops along the way. My gamer tag - uberp3t3r
  • I'm playing this atm on PS3, I was searching for something on the briggs mission and one result led to this page. I'm just wondering who wrote this post? "Just remember these cannot be done solo!"??? They sure as hell can, all you need is two controllers. The only really hard part (only took me 20 tries max) is running both out of the missle plant simultaneously. I just finished the last mission Abandoned City 30 minutes ago... hell the rooftop fight wasn't even hard. Of course I was playing on normal, everyone seems to try to beat things on the highest difficulty. Then again I don't care about Plat'ing this game, but still...
  • If anyone’s still playing this and wants to run through all the coop missions, hmu! GT: GeoeXo
  • Looking for help with any of the multiplayer achievements? Send me a message on Xbox! (unless I die I will always be available) GT: Triple g 101

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