Elite Killing Team Achievement

  • Elite Killing Team



    Dual Executed a helmeted enemy


    This achievement must be done in COOP with a human partner. Have one of the players fill up their Mark & Execute gauge. Now mark a helmeted enemy by tapping over them. When both players are near the marked enemy, there will be a "Hold " prompt on the screen which invites the second player to join in on the execution. Once the second player accepts, you will dual execute the hostile and unlock the achievement.

    You CANNOT do this on Perfectionist, as there is no Mark & Execute ability.

  • Double tap
  • help please?
  • It's a co-op achievement...
  • Lets do this achievements and other multiplayer achievements on private match. Just send me a message. I also have a mic. gamertag: AlfredoZ559
  • Mark an enemy with a helmet and hold the execute button until your coop partner joins. There are tons of missios with helmet guys, but if you wanna get this quick, just go to the Briggs mission on Smugglers Coumpound. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI

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