Officer of the Day Achievement

  • Officer of the Day



    Completed a Daily Challenge

    These Daily Challenges are directly tied to the Single Player Campaign and COOP missions. When you are in the Paladin's SMI, head over to the ShadowNet hub and click on the Daily Challenge for more details. These challenges consist of killing or knocking out a certain amount of enemies with a specific weapon or gadget.

  • My 6th achievement of the GAME!
  • Potential buyers beware: this game was a relatively easy 1000 points however it is currently impossible to get this achievement as the most recent update removed the daily challenge component from the game. A ubisoft employee claimed on the official ubi blacklist forum that they are looking into this issue. No fix yet though, will keep looking out for the fix and update this post if one comes out.
  • Got it today on 12th of September, dont know if it works from now on, or it was a just temporary online again, just check it, worked for me !
  • Daily challenges are back online!
  • Daily challenges are back online. Hopefully it will stay that way now.

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