Seven Day Duty Shift Achievement

  • Seven Day Duty Shift



    Completed a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge

    In Blacklist, Weekly Challenges are tied to the Multiplayer potion of the game. When you are in the Paladin's SMI, head over to the ShadowNet hub and click on the Weekly Challenge for more details. You will see a progress bar to the right of the challenge above the weekly timer. These challenges consist of getting a certain number of kills in a game mode or performing a specific action in a one of the game types. Remember that these challenges can be done in Private Matches.

  • Just finished this week's challenge. No achievement. Thanks Ubisoft. Getting sick of this.
  • @1 and this week's challenge is the same as last week's (at least for me). So have fun doing it again (: One video, all achievements:
  • So I went on the Splinter Cell website (!/home/single-player) to see what the Weekly Challenge is because it won't pop up in game. The Weekly Challenge is 100 kills in Extraction. So I did it and no achievement. So now I'm waiting for an update which will hopefully fix this.
  • needs help with all multi player stuff send mesg to add me
  • iv checked the website, game ect. cant find this weeks weekly challenge, anybody know where to find it, link ??
  • I just booted up the games then and the Weekly Challenge has popped up in the 15 challenge at the bottom when you press Y to bring up the ShadowNet. Doing achievement now. Will let you guys know if it worked.
  • It worked. I got the achievement.
  • Anyone want to boost this? Let me know I am online now, I'm from the U.K. My GT is my name.
  • Don't worry about the last post I have it sorted out.
  • looking to boost this and support ops achievo, message me if interested
  • I thought I had it sorted but my mate on xbox hasn't helped me yet so I am actually still available. Sorry for posting so close together. Please message me, this is my last cheevo I have been waiting 4 someone to boost this with for a while now.
  • willing to boost mmessage me unstopple bros
  • looking to boost this, i'm sick of the host quitting out mid game. gt - i have a 4.
  • nevermind, got it.
  • Hi Guys, I really need help with this. Is there a faster way to get it, like " you let me kill you and I let you kill me " =>
  • Need help too. My gamer tag is profile name.
  • Looking to do this and Support Ops, message me. GT:(is same as user name, all caps followed by one 2, five 1's and three 4's) BIG D 211111444
  • Just bought the game. looking for help to get all MP achievements out of the way fast. will help as well. message me on xbox GT: DarkShadow ohh
  • looking for someone to help get this easy DMBowser message me anytime
  • Looking to boost this achievement fast. From the UK but happy for anyone to add me. GT:Twona
  • anyone, hit me GT tongump
  • need 2 more GT: Dan Sabia
  • Anyone want to boost this achievement? Gt: imdastardlydave
  • Looking to boost this one Gt man up on that
  • Looking to boost Mackey1405
  • I need help boosting this. Already have three stun assists and will help anyone with their challenge. Zelorg
  • Need this and support ops.. Gamertag: ROBSTONIAN
  • All I have left is this and Support Ops. GT: ColoringGarrett
  • Can somebody please help me with this.... GT: XxPownage2025xX
  • Need this and support ops, GT: TheGuyWhoKnifes
  • Hey I need this achievement and the support ops one, anyone willing? Gt: imdastardlydave
  • need to boost this one, GT as the user name, hellfiremaga
  • okay I've made it so don't PM me for help I can give you few advises by the way : First, the multiplayer is a real pain in the ass and don't hope on having friendly player who will let you do your challenge easy. You'll die so many time and so easily that you'll have to be in luck to do your challenge. Play only the mode of the challenge and to it for monday to sunday cause it's really hard to do in one week only (took me 3 days of 7-8 hours of play each). You'll see quickly that you can't leave a room of game. So if their are stronger player than you or in a 2 against 4 team, you're screwd... Okay You can also turn off the game and go back for it, it takes something like 2 minutes and their is a big chance that you go back in the same room of game. You can also put your controll
  • All the online are incredibly easy if you boost with a friend in a private game,only got one left and then it's the co op missions to finish it off,doesn't really take long either as you level up pretty quick.
  • Looking for aomeone to help in a private marptch ill also repay the favour by helping you Gt: mad nick12
  • Need someone to help me in private match getting the multiplayer achievements. I will also help. Messege me: SammyDy
  • Looking for someone to boost all the multiplayer achievements. My GT is UnchainedStorm . send me an invite or pm if you are interested, i have a headset.
  • Finally the weekly challenge is easy to boost this week! It's get 1st kill in TDM 25 times. This can easily be boosted in 1 vs 1 private match. Add me xXBILLVILLEXx
  • anyone up for boosting 100 kills in extraction send me a message gt charg1nmalaz0r
  • looking for boost add me, gamertag is Vidas Secas
  • Trying to get all Achievements for this game, add me - ThE MaD Hatt3r1
  • Trying to get all multi-player achievements, GT: Huwscor2
  • Just need one person to boost this with. GT: HarpCity
  • Need someone to boost. SammyDy
  • need a person for this. If interested: AbyssWalker1992
  • Nevermind, as of October 10th the challenges are no longer available... fuck Ubisoft
  • The challenges are back again, thanks Ubisoft!
  • Looking for someone to boost this with just add me and send a message on Xbox if you need this and what to help me. GT: r8tb0y
  • Looking for help with any of the multiplayer achievements? Send me a message on Xbox! (unless I die I will always be available)
  • Since you cant delete posts here for some reason, Im no longer available.

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