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    Assisted teammates in 10 Spies vs Mercs objectives

    Take note that from here, all the achievements below - including this one - can be boosted in Private Matches.

    This achievement can be done with just two players - both on the same team. If you are setting up a Private Match, access the SMI inside the Paladin and tap to enter the Multiplayer Menu. Select Spies v. Mercs Multiplayer and change the match settings to:

    • Mode: Uplink Control
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 10
    • Capture Speed: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings nor which team you start out on. When the match begins, travel to the marked objective together and one player should begin capturing it. The person who is not capturing the objective gets the assist if they are standing right near their teammate. Move on to the rest of the objectives until one player gets all of their assists.

    Once you have captured all 10 objectives, the game will end so repeat this method for your partner. It should take no longer than 10 minutes.

  • How the heck do u get this achievement?
  • Never mind got it.
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  • Got the achievement earlier today. Thanks for those who helped!
  • Any tips on how to get it?
  • Support a hack by defending the hacker on SvM Blacklist/Classic, support the intel courier by protecting him on SvM Extraction, and support the guy who is capturing the control point by protecting the console on SvM Uplink. In short, just play SvM and you'll get it eventualy. One video, all achievements:
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