Lethal Versatility Achievement

  • Lethal Versatility



    Won a match in every Spies vs Mercs game mode

    There are five game modes in Splinter Cell Blacklist's Multiplayer:

    • SvM Classic
    • SvM Blacklist
    • Uplink Control
    • Extraction
    • Team Deathmatch

    For SvM Classic and SvM Blacklist, make sure you are on the bottom team in the game lobby (Spies). For Extraction, make sure you are on the top team (Mercs). The starting team Uplink Control does not matter.

    When setting up a Private Match, change the match settings to the following:

    • Hack Limit (for SvM): 1
    • Hack Speed (for SvM): Instant
    • Capture Limit (for Extraction and Uplink Control): 1
    • Courier Penalty (for Extraction): Off
    • Capture Speed (for Uplink Control): Instant

    This will ensure the rounds end quickly. When you switch sides and are defending, press and return to the lobby. This will automatically end the match and still count as a win.

    For Team Deathmatch, you will need at least one other person so that the teams are balanced. Change the "Kill Limit" to 10 under the Match Settings and pick a central meeting point since the spawn points are random.

  • why is this worth 100 points? i mean hey, easy 100 points im not complaining but i feel like these points probably could have been distributed to other achievements
  • Yeah. Aren't there only 2 game types too (Blacklist and Classic)?
  • @1, agreed...this is a tad confusing as I thought there were only two modes. Maybe it's meant to say map?
  • Lame
  • well there's two other achievements relating to matches called SvM Extraction and SvM Uplink Control so i guess there's four?
  • Spies vs mercs is first person, i'm quite surprised. just saw the comic-con demo
  • Ugh. I hate multiplayer achievements. These modes will probably be the most tacked on crap. Will probably be repetitive as hell, and horribly unbalanced.
  • @8 I'm guessing you never played Chaos Theory or Pandora Tomorrow? SvM is one of the most unique, tense, and fun multiplayer experiences out there. That's not to say that they're not going to screw this up, but it's definitely not "tacked on".
  • I played all the previous games on the first xbox. Spy vs Merc was epic..but more and more people are turning into that guy abouve us! "waa I hate multiplayer" Why do people join xbl just to play single player games?!! the mind boggles!
  • oh hey look its something nobody wanted in a singleplayer game wooo
  • @10 we dont hate multiplayer however multiplayer has ruined some really good singleplayer franchises main example is assassins creed the first 2 were amazing after that they were bullsh1t at best and we do not want to see this happen to splintercell which may i remind you is also owned by ubisoft
  • You guys are idiots if you hate MP. It made splintercell so fun. Ever play the classics or Double agent?
  • I don't hate MP as a rule, but I tend not to play much of it. I don't enjoy competition enough to do so. These modes are interesting to me, though, and I'll at least try them out. I do wish there weren't achievements tied to them, though, because I think MP should never have achievements. The rewards for playing MP should always be intrinsic to the mode itself, that way people who can't play MP due to lack of internet or skill, aren't left feeling they missed something.
  • @ 12 SvM never ruined any Splinter Cell, and it was around for 3 of them. The only Splinter Cell that had no MP was the first one. Also, Assassin's Creed was ruined by releasing a yearly title. This is only game 5 in 11 years. Assassin's Creed will have 6 in 7 years as of this fall.
  • @15- This is actually the 6th installment in the Splinter Cell franchise; and it's spectacular. 1. Splinter Cell 2. Pandora Tomorrow 3. Chaos Theory 4. Double Agent 5. Conviction 6. Blacklist Assassin's Creed has lost its allure IMO. Pumping out newly skinned versions of the former, and the most notable sign that the series is more interested in profit rather than content is the fact they release ports to the Wii.
  • @16 It's actually the 7th! You have to count Double Agent twice since the Xbox/ps2 and 360/ps3 versions were two different games. Both versions were great eventhough I actually preferred the Xbox/ps2 version more.
  • Can be done in a private match.
  • if anyone wants to do this in a private match or even legit add me XNSHD. also if any of you wanna do the coop missions and get the achievements for them add me for that as well. just send me a message and ill get back to you im online a fair amount also would like you to have mic
  • I can confirm that u can get this achievement in private match even without the help of another player on all other game modes except for team deathmatch.
  • Lets do this achievements and other multiplayer achievements on private match. Just send me a message. I also have a mic. gamertag: AlfredoZ559
  • I'm willing in private. Everyone keeps quitting when I am going to win
  • I'm willing in private. Everyone keeps quitting when I am going to win. Stimshady2001
  • Easy to get. TDM is the only one that needs two players
  • If anyone will help me with the TDM my GT is: GLYCYSxx8
  • add me need all online achievements Luckierchimp492
  • "Splinter Cell Blacklist service not availible. Please try again later." Anyone help me??
  • Game modes are the following: SvM Classic SvM Blacklist SvM Extraction Uplink Team Deathmatch 5 victories is all it takes. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • I don't like this multiplayer at all :/
  • 2 matches and 2 game freezes ... yay thanks ubisoft !
  • RvB Grif2398
  • looking to do Team Death Match, Supported Ops, and all other co op missions. add me gt: hosenc1
  • You can do all of these except Team Deathmatch in a private match BY YOURSELF, no need for anybody else! Forever alone!
  • anybody wanna do these let me know TOGA TOM
  • needs help with all multi player stuff send mesg to add me
  • For those who wanna do this in private match. Add me, GT Tw0 T1mes
  • @33 Hey man, don't toy with us... I already tried this trick, but the "launch" button was greyed out. So what's the trick? How did YOU do it?
  • This sounds dumb but how can you check what game types you have won?!
  • If anyone wants to boost for this, message me GT: TikiToughguy
  • never mind, dont need it now, still a really fun game
  • I need a boost on MP Achievements, message me GT: Jon Kansas
  • Need a boosting partner for multiplayer and co-op missions . GT: x iKrueLTyyy
  • Just bought the game. looking for help to get all MP achievements out of the way fast. will help as well. message me on xbox GT: DarkShadow ohh
  • Need someone to boost multiplayer achievements, send me a message on xbox GT: Honoredjako
  • Need a partner for the following: - Briggs Coop Mission - Dual Execute - Win a Team Deathmatch Game - Support Ops Message me: Jake CE UK GMT
  • Got this one, just need a partner for Briggs' missions/ ahcievements.
  • Re the above. No longer need a partner.
  • Need a partner to boost the achievements with. I cant even find an open game for aome of the lobbies. Just add me on xbox live. Gamertag: JON TEE 117 Im happy to help with achievements I already have as well. Cheers
  • TDM can't be done locally?
  • Need a partner for this one and the support achievement. Message if interested. Gt: Demon Ulquiorra
  • Need a partner for this one and the support achievement. Message if interested. Gt: Demon Ulquiorra
  • re on the above. found a partner already
  • I'm looking to do most of the co op achievements and will be online all weekend!
  • GT: xtwx cowboy
  • GT: ColoringGarrett
  • GT: kmwkjd2010
  • looking for someone to private match these
  • need someone to do the coop/spies v mercs achievements with. i can use a mic if you ask. GT is Adidasonthafeet
  • If anyone needs help with this chevo...inbox me on xbox GT: same as name.. Thanks.. I also need this achievement I neeed TDM, and Extraction I believe we will do them all just in case. :)
  • Looking for someone to boost all the multiplayer achievements. My GT is UnchainedStorm . send me an invite or pm if you are interested, i have a headset.
  • GT Snyn message if intrested need all multiplayer achivements
  • Only need 2 more live achievements. For some reason when I try to play online I get disconnected from games after approximately 2 minutes. But not when I'm playing with someone else in a private lobby. Please add me for "Win a match in every gametype", specifically deathmatch because it requires at least two people. And "Get 10 objective assists in multiplayer", very easy. Total time will be under 10 minutes to get this achievements. Add my GT SleepyTripod9
  • add me any time: BlueMary117
  • Need a partner for Lethal Versatility Support Ops Seven Day Duty Shift GT: Glycodin Thank you.
  • Just started this game and I am currently doing the campaign. But once that is done I will gladly start multiplayer with anyone to knock out these Achievements. XBL : DJpate
  • Trying to get all multi-player achievements, GT: Huwscor2
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  • Need a boosting buddy to mop up some online achievements Gamer tag is Jay delonge 182
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  • If anyone's still playing this and looking for this achievement message me. I need help with it as well. GT. BornBlaze100

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