Firearm Accessed Achievement

  • Firearm Accessed



    Unlocked a Merc's Light Machine Gun

    Once you have reached Rank 5 in Multiplayer, you will be rewarded with three Multiplayer tokens which are essential in unlocking loadouts and weapons. Enter the "Customize Gear" hub and unlock a Merc loadout which will cost you one token and $100,000. Now scroll down to "Alternate Weapon" where you can find two different LMG's available to purchase for the achievement. Each LMG will cost $120,000.

  • You need 1 token for this achievement, assuming you've already used another token to unlock a Custom Loadout for Merc. So 2 tokens total. Also, those machine guns don't look Light at all... One video, all achievements:
  • needs help with all multi player stuff send mesg to add me

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