Trusted Agent Achievement

  • Trusted Agent



    Achieved Rank 10 in Spies vs Mercs

    You can either do this online via Xbox LIVE or in a Private Match. If you decide to do this privately, select SvM Blacklist as the game mode. Set the Match Settings to the following:

    • Hack Limit: 3
    • Hack Time: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings. You will earn 750 points for each successful hack, thus netting you 2250 XP for each match. When the round ends and you switch to the Mercs, allow the starting countdown to expire. From here, select “Return to Lobby” so it counts as a win and you gain the XP. Each match lasts just over a minute, so you can unlock this achievement in about 20-25 minutes.

  • God I hope this doesn't take long. I do NOT want to be playing multiplayer for long. Maybe there will be an easy way to boost and just capture objectives fast for easy XP.
  • ^ are you serious? SvM is awesome!!!!! Plus it is super easy to get to ten, if you aren't a n00b like creaper210..
  • Why only to rank 10? Stupid !
  • Glad it's a low level.
  • That was fast. Took me like 7 matches, and I lost some of them. One video, all achievements:
  • You can do this in a private match by yourself, just set up an uplink game with 10 captures, unlimited time, and instant capture. Play through 5 or 6 games capturing all 10 by yourself and you got it, playboy!
  • Gamertag: Bam31788 I'm only Rank 2, I'm looking to bang this out as well as all other multiplayer achievements, please message me if you're interested.
  • Looking to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Spartan 8554
  • need someone to do the coop/spies v mercs achievements with. i can use a mic if you ask. GT is Adidasonthafeet

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