Rated Intel Courier Achievement

  • Rated Intel Courier



    Carried home the intel in a Spies vs Mercs Extraction match

    Set up a Private Match with the following settings:

    • Mode: Extraction
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 1
    • Courier Penalty: Off (this will allow you to run while carrying intel)

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings. Before starting the match, remember to make sure you are on the top team in the game lobby (Mercs). When the match starts, make your way towards the marked objective. Press when you are reach the intel to pick it and carry it back to your drop-off zone. The achievement will unlock after securing the intel inside the briefcase at the drop-off zone.

  • Hope you have a good team to protect you on the way home! One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • Fun to do legit, but if you want this fast without any problems. Start a private match by yourself, take the intel and bring it back. Should take around a minute, maybe 2.

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