Rated Aggressor Achievement

  • Rated Aggressor



    Captured a control point in a Spies vs Mercs Uplink Control match

    Set up a Private Match with the following settings:

    • Mode: Uplink Control
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 1
    • Capture Speed: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings or which team you start out on. After spawning, proceed to the marked objective and hold to capture it. The achievement will unlock immediately after capturing the control point.

  • Need 3 experienced players. Having help would be GREAT!. Please add me. Thank you! GT: iCondemned
  • Lets do this achievements and other multiplayer achievements on private match. Just send me a message. I also have a mic. gamertag: AlfredoZ559
  • Better than 3 experienced players is finding a team of inexperienced players to play against, haha. Got this on my first Uplink game, it's no big deal. One video, all achievements: http://youtu.be/gl_obBBZuqI
  • You can get this one in a private match by yourself
  • Confirmed - You can get this by yourself in a private match. You can even change the settings. I recommend changing it from 5 captures, to 1. And then capture speed to fast, instead of normal.

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