- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 38 (720)
- Online: 9 (280)
- Approximate time: 30+ Hours Depending on Skill
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 Minimum - Mission Select
- Number of missable achievement: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Extra equipment needed: None
- Online pass required: No


Fisher is back, and he’s looking better than ever! Splinter Cell Blacklist marks the sixth installment of the third person stealth game in which we control the green-goggled NSA operative around the world as he tracks down the baddies known as The Engineers and puts an end to their global terrorist attacks. Blacklist offers three separate modes right from the get-go: Single Player Campaign, Co-Op, and Spies V. Mercs Multiplayer. You can tackle this game in whichever manner you’d like, but in order to earn the full 1000, you’ll definitely need to experiment in all three modes. Completing the campaign on three different difficulties, satisfying all four sets of Co-Op missions, and winning a match in the five new Multiplayer game types are just the base of what the achievement list asks you to do. Silently creep past all your enemies in the campaign, grab a buddy for some online Co-Op, and complete some weekly challenges over Xbox Live while leveling up in Multiplayer and you will begin to feel like a true 4th Echelon operative. It’ll take around 25 hours to complete the game’s achievements, but every minute will surely be worth it. Sam Fisher guarantees it!

Campaign – Normal

You can begin the Campaign on Perfectionist right from start. For the sake of understanding level layout, gadgets, and overall combat, I would recommend doing your first playthrough on Normal however. Use this first playthrough as a chance to grab Distraction Technician, Tri-Rotor Functionality, Hostile Shield Secured, and Hostages Secured. Upon completing the Campaign, you will also earn eleven story related achievements. Keep an eye out for the three collectibles during the campaign: HVT's, Dead Drops, and Laptops. Lastly, make sure you use the cash you earn after each mission to fully upgrade one weapon and purchase all the Paladin upgrades from Grim.

Campaign – Perfectionist

Now that you have a better understanding of the campaign missions, combat/gadgets, and enemy AI, you can tackle the Campaign on Perfectionist. Once you complete the campaign on this difficulty, you will unlock two achievements: 4th Echelon Commendation and 4th Echelon Officer. Throughout this playthrough, you should continue to search for collectibles if have not already found those for each mission. You'll also want to complete a single mission without detection in order to obtain Mission Footprint Zero. Safehouse and Detention Facility are the easiest missions to obtain this on. You can also stack No Kill Option Engaged with this playthrough, but if that's too much, you can always replay missions individually for that.

Co-Op Missions

Good ol’ Co-Op returns! While on the Paladin, you can access these missions from each of the members aboard. Grimm, Charlie, and Kobin's missions can actually be completed on your own - while Briggs's are mandatory COOP. It is definitely suggested to grab a friend to get all these done however. In fact, in order to obtain Combined Op Successful, you will need to complete a single COOP mission with another player. Complete each set of missions from all four characters, and you will unlock an additional four achievements. Each of their missions differ in terms of combat and stealth requirements, so make sure you prep your loadouts accordingly. Be on the lookout for Dread Drops, HVT's, and Laptops because they appear in COOP as well. Lastly, don’t forget to pick up Elite Killing Team and Lead Interrogator while playing with a partner.


Splinter Cell Blacklist sees the return of the fan-favorite Multiplayer mode, Spies v. Mercs. There are nine achievements tied to the Multiplayer modes, all of which can be unlocked in Private Matches! The achievements shouldn't take too long, as they only task you with winning a match of each game type, unlocking a custom loadout, completing a weekly challenge, and reaching Rank 10. There are also a few game mode specific achievements in which you will have to assist teammates and hack a computer terminal in Spies v. Mercs, recover intel in Extraction, and capture a control point in Uplink Control.

Mop Up

If you’ve missed any of the achievements during your time on Blacklist, now would be a great time to hop back into the Campaign or COOP missions for a clean-up. If you are missing any of the Dead Drops, Laptops, or HVT's, you can check the the Campaign or COOP mission details through the Paladin's SMI to see which missions you need to go back to. Also, if you have not yet obtained the three playstyle mastery achievements, you can reload Campaign and COOP missions inside the Paladin and work on those. Their mastery point requirements will be displayed in the missions details menu.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a fantastic game. It’s gameplay is smooth and satisfying, the various game modes are both addictive and brilliant, and the achievement list will leave you wanting more. From the gripping Single Player Campaign to the mix of stealth and action COOP missions, all the way to the grand Spies v. Mercs multiplayer, Blacklist offers heaps of content that will satisfy your Splinter Cell itch for a very long time. Some dedicated hours are necessary in order to earn all the achievements, but aside from completing the campaign on the Perfectionist, nothing on the list is too difficult. Splinter Cell Blacklist is the perfect stealth game of 2013 and is definitely worth checking out!

[x360a would like to thank BiggD for this Roadmap]

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Achievement Guide

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There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Stopped the Blacklist

    Refer to 4th Echelon Officer for more information.

  • Completed every single player mission on Realistic difficulty

    Refer to 4th Echelon Officer for more information.

  • Completed every single player mission on Perfectionist difficulty

    First off, Perfectionist difficulty changes this game tremendously due to the following restrictions:

    • Mark & Execute is disabled
    • Sonar goggles cannot see through walls
    • Smarter and stronger enemy AI
    • No weapon caches to resupply

    With that said, you will want to avoid open conflict entirely. You will die almost instantaneously if you try to utilize the Assault playstyle here, so focusing on Ghost or Panther is a much better idea. Use their methods interchangeably as there will be parts in the campaign where lethal means can be your only option of progressing if you are stuck. You can however, refer below to No Kill Option Engaged if you plan to stack that achievement on this playthrough. If you plan to utilize both playstyles, follow these tips instead:

    • Sam's "whistle/distraction" is extremely overpowered - you can hide behind corners and keep luring all the enemies in until the area is clear.
    • Using a fully upgraded, silenced SMG, Assault Rifle, or Sniper Rifle can clear out an entire area within seconds while remaining undetected. The SC4000 and Honey Badger are two of the best silenced rifles in the game!
    • Avoid killing armored infantrymen when possible - sneak around them when possible as there's only one section in the game where you are required to take them out.
    • Sleeping Gas and Proximity Shockers are the BEST gadgets you can use to knock out enemies from afar - but since there aren't any weapon caches, you will need to use these sparingly.
    • Look for alternate routes when approaching each section of a mission - you are almost always able to bypass heavily populated areas without having to touch anyone.
    • When your goggles are jammed, deploy the Tri-Rotor and hunt down the technician blocking your signal.
    • Change up your OPS Suit in order to make it as stealthy as possible. Completing all three of Grim's COOP missions gives you the best stealth suit!

    Using these tips, alongside those presented for the No Kill Option Engaged achievement, should allow you to clear the campaign missions without too much trouble. Just remember to stick to the shadows and take it slow. Rushing through the missions will only result in multiple deaths and endless frustration.

    Since the game allows you replay missions through the Paladin's SMI at any time, you don't actually need to complete a straight playthrough on Perfectionist. You may load up individual missions and work on them in whichever order you'd like. You can change the difficulty of each mission by pressing before launching it.

    If you are having trouble with any of the missions in the game, be sure to check out THIS THREAD for a great video/commentary guide by Maka.

  • Captured 20 High-Value Targets

    High-Value Targets will appear throughout the campaign and COOP missions. The first time you encounter a HVT in the campaign, Grimm will let you know that they must be captured alive. They always appear on your HUD with a white "Capture" bar above their person and show up as a larger red blip on your radar. You can use any means of non-lethal methods when taking them out, whether it is with sleeping gas, sticky shockers, proximity shockers, or hand-to-hand combat. After subduing them, press  to successfully "Bag & Tag" them. You will get a on-screen message after reaching the next checkpoint informing you that they have been secured.


  • Collected 24 Dead Drop flash drives

    Dead Drop flash drives are small collectibles that can be found throughout the campaign and COOP missions. They will emit a persistent pining sound when you are near them. If you purchase the first upgrade for the Command & Control sector in the Paladin, it will make Dead Drops permanently visible on your HUD.

    Buy this upgrade as soon as possible because these flash drives are extremely small and can be overlooked when playing through each set of missions. Once this upgrade is acquired, the flash drives are almost unmissable on your HUD.

  • Hacked 23 Blacklist Laptops

    Blacklist Laptops are another form of collectibles scattered throughout the campaign and COOP missions. Unlike Dead Drop flash drives, Laptops do not show up with the Paladin's Command & Control Tier 1 upgrade. You will need an additional $150,000 to purchase the Tier 2 upgrade for them to show on the HUD. Grimm will notify you when you are near your first Laptop on the first mission.

    Approach each Laptop quietly, if you are engaged in combat it will self-destruct and you won't be able to hack it. If this happens, reload the checkpoint.

  • Fully upgraded one gun

    While inside the Paladin, enter the SMI and click to access your Gear Customization hub. The cheapest weapon you can begin upgrading right away is the default PX4 Storm .45 pistol. In total, you will need $35,575 to fully upgrade this pistol.

    • Red Dot Sight - $3,900
    • Holo Sight - $5,200
    • Laser Sight - $2,325
    • Hollow Point - $2,600
    • Armor Piercing - $3,900
    • Match Grade Ammo - $5,200
    • Bolt Blueprinting - $2,600
    • Weight Balance - $2,600
    • Match Grade Trigger - $3,100
    • Accurized Barrel - $4,150
  • Paladin fully upgraded

    Inside the Paladin, talk to Grimm in order to purchase upgrades for your HQ. There are a total of seven upgradable locations, each having one or two tiers worth of upgrades. These upgrades will aid Sam on the field in terms of weapons selection, HUD display, health regeneration and more. Below, you can see each available upgrade.

    • Cockpit
      • Tier 1 - $1,000 - Unlock a radar shown in the HUD
      • Tier 2 - $130,000 - Extend radar range & show facing directions
    • Charlie's Workshop
      • Tier 1 - $144,000 - Unlock prototype SMG & Shotgun for purchase
      • Tier 2 - $180,000 - Unlock prototype Pistol, Assault & Sniper Rifles for purchase
    • Command & Control
      • Tier 1 - $90,000 - Reveal Dead Drop locations in the HUD
      • Tier 2 - $150,000 - Reveal all secondary objectives from further away
    • Infirmary
      • Tier 1 - $120,000 - Faster regeneration in SP & COOP
      • Tier 2 - $140,000 - Even faster regeneration in SP & COOP
    • Crew Quarters
      • Tier 1 - $84,000 - Unlock a custom loadout slot for SP & COOP
      • Tier 2 - $114,000 - Unlock another custom loadout slot for SP & COOP
    • Holding Cells
      • Tier 1 - $60,000 - Unlock 7 Black Market weapons for purchase
      • Tier 2 - $96,000 - Unlock 7 more Black Market weapons for purchase
    • Cargo Bay
      • Tier 1 - 78,000 - Customize gear in the field (except in Perfectionist)

    Make sure to look out for the "Gone Dark" metagames on the SMI before each mission. After successfully completing each metagame, you will be rewarded with multipliers which will directly effect how much cash you get at the end of each Single Player and COOP mission. Your entire bank account is shared between all three game modes (SP, COOP, & MP).

  • Mastered Ghost playstyle

    Refer to Tactical Style: Assault for more information.

  • Mastered Panther playstyle

    Refer to Tactical Style: Assault for more information.

  • Mastered Assault playstyle

    In order to unlock the three mastery playstyle achievements, you will need to obtain a certain amount of points in that playstyle in 7 different campaign or COOP missions. The amount of points differs for each level, so you should try to focus on one playstyle at a time instead of mixing them together. Every action you perform will net you a certain number of points depending on how you managed a kill or general situation. You can reload a mission and play it as many times as you want if you want to work on another playstyle. As a general reminder, follow these tips:

    • Ghost - Pure Stealth
      • A Ghost completes objectives unseen, with minimal engagement with hostiles and no evidence left behind. You earn Ghost points by remaining undetected during a mission and by avoiding killing hostiles. Use only nonlethal techniques when confrontation is unavoidable.
    • Panther - Silent & Deadly
      • A Panther stalks his prey unseen, and strikes only when the kill is assured. You earn Panther points by killing hostiles while remaining undetected. Use silenced weapons and lethal hand-to-hand strikes to pick off hostiles from the shadows.
    • Assault - Open Combat
      • An Assault specialist does not fear open combat, facing hostiles head-on without the protection of stealth. You earn Assault points by neutralizing hostiles in combat. Use unsilenced weapons and explosive grenades to gain supremacy on the battlefield.

    You can check the mastery progress bar for each playstyle by pausing the game. Alternatively, if you are replaying a mission through the Paladin's SMI, you can check the required amount of points for each playstyle by scrolling through the mission details with the button.

  • Hid 5 bodies in containers

    Once you have taken out a hostile, you can hold when standing over their body to pick them up and to hide them in containers. A perfect location to start working on this achievement is in the first Mission, Safehouse. Once you are shown how Mark & Execute works and have taken out the three hostiles in the alleyway, enter the building on your right. Take out the next three hostiles and begin hiding all six bodies in the blue containers scattered around the ground floor. You can only hide one body per container, but there are four blue containers on the ground floor of the building and one in the alleyway just outside where you entered the building from.

  • Completed the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher

    I personally recommend stacking this achievement with your Perfectionist playthrough, since you won't really want to do any killing on Perfectionist anyways. Alternatively, you can reload campaign missions on a lower difficulty whenever you want and work on them one by one. This essentially means that this achievement does not have to be done in a single playthrough. Keep in mind that the Prologue does not count towards this achievement.

    Avoid using any lethal gadgets and takedowns throughout each mission. After the short interrogation scenes where Sam has the option to "Spare" or "Kill" the enemy, always spare them! You should only really have to rely on three things.

    1. When possible, avoid detection entirely
    2. Fully upgraded sonar goggles (if playing outside of Perfectionist)
    3. Non-lethal gadgets
      • Sticky Noisemaker: This gadget can help lure enemies away from their position or towards your own for a non-lethal takedown.
      • Tri-Rotor: The Tri-Rotor is extremely helpful as it can survey areas ahead, mark targets, and even knock out enemies with sticky shockers or sleeping gas.
      • Smoke Grenade: This grenade can be used to create diversions, allowing you to quickly slip past enemies.
      • Sleeping Gas: A personal favorite of mine, as it can knock out a group of guards immediately, rendering them unconscious.
      • Proximity Shocker: This throwable proximity mine sticks to any surface and will knock out any enemies who get close - this is perfect for hostiles who are patrolling an area back and forth.
      • Tactical Crossbow: If you have access to this pre-order bonus, it's sticky shockers are hands down the best non-lethal gadget in the game - the regular crossbow has noisemakers, EMP darts, and sleeping gas which is just as helpful.

    Take note that there are certain missions that make you play a small portion of the level as Briggs or Grim. Killing enemies while playing as them does not void the achievement.

  • Stealthily took down an enemy who'd been lured by sound

    This can be done pretty much anywhere on any campaign mission past the Prologue and short Mark & Execute tutorial of the first mission. When you've spotted a guard, take cover behind an object and either distract them with or throw a sticky noisemaker at your feet to lure them in. When the guard gets close, quickly tap to take him out.

  • Used the Tri-Rotor to disable a security device

    This can be done in the very beginning of the "Special Missions HQ" mission. As soon as the mission starts, take cover behind the nearby wall and deploy the Tri-Rotor. Steer it to the security camera on the left side of the building and press to shoot a sticky shocker at it. This will disable the camera and unlock the achievement.

  • Mastered Mark & Execute

    To actually unlock this, you will need to kill a total of six enemies in under 14 seconds with Mark & Execute. In order to do that, you will need to find an area in the game that has AT LEAST SEVEN enemies all near each other. Make sure you do this on the Rookie difficulty and equip your strongest OPS Suit as you may take heavy damage.

    The second mission, Insurgent Stronghold, is the best place to get this done. Soon after traversing through a tunnel, you will receive a checkpoint as Grimm mentions how there are "only a few guards up ahead." Climb up the wall and take cover immediately. Describing this method in text will only confusing you, so follow the video below for the best representation of how to get this done:

  • Snuck up & stole the shield from a Shielded Infantryman

    You will encounter your first Shielded Infantryman at the end of "Special Missions HQ" mission. A short cutscene will begin when you enter a large room and he will appear alongside three soldiers. Take out the other enemies first so only the Shielded Infantryman remains. Sneak up behind him to take him out with hand-to-hand combat or your weapon. When he drops his shield, pick it up and the achievement is yours.

    Alternatively, you can obtain this in Kobin's first COOP mission, Opium Farm. If you follow the left side of the map from the beginning, you will come to an open garage with a Shielded Infantryman looking out into a courtyard. Sneak up behind him, knock him out, then pick up his shield.

  • Saved the hostages in the Transit Yards

    At the very end of Mission 7, Transit Yards, you will be pursuing the lead Engineer aboard a train. Make sure you don't shoot any civilians or use any explosive gadgets when taking out the enemies inside the carts. When you reach the end of the train, there will be two civilian hostages. Do not move forward! Quickly throw some sleeping gas in between both hostiles to knock them out. The achievement will unlock after the cutscene begins.

  • Completed a single player mission undetected

    You can attempt this achievement on any of the missions after the Prologue. The first mission, Safehouse, is one of the easiest and shortest missions to get this on. Make sure not a single enemy shoots at you or rings any alarms. The Detection Meter (half circle that fills up when they see you) above their head may never turn red. If it does, you have been detected and must to restart from your last checkpoint! If the half circle turns fully white, you still have a chance to quickly take them out.

    I suggest doing this on the Rookie difficulty, as the enemies reaction time is much slower. Also make sure to hide any bodies you knock out so they cannot be found. Like any good ghost operative, use cover often and try to find alternate routes around each area you encounter. You can replay campaign missions at any point by accessing the SMI in the Paladin. You'll be able to keep all the gear you've already purchased, thus making this achievement much easier.

    Be sure to check out THIS THREAD to find a video of a successful undetected run on Safehouse.

  • Completed a COOP mission with a teammate

    Although you can work on certain COOP missions by yourself, you will want to find a partner who will play through at least one of the missions with you for this achievement. Kobin and Grimm's COOP missions are all about stealth, while Charlie and Briggs's are a mix of both stealth and combat. Upon successful completion of a single COOP mission with your partner, the achievement will unlock for you both.

  • Completed all of Anna Grímsdóttir's 4th Echelon Missions

    Grim's missions can be done solo, or with a partner via LIVE or split-screen.

    These missions can be launched by speaking to her inside the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. Her missions promote the Ghost and Panther playstyles as they will task you with infiltrating an enemy stronghold in order to hack computers or retrieve data. Bring your stealthiest OPS Suit, a silenced weapon, and your favorite set of non-lethal gadgets. If you are detected on any of the missions, you must restart from the beginning. Good luck!

    Remember to be on the lookout for Dead Drops, Blacklist Laptops, and HVT's during all COOP missions. You can check your mission details in the SMI to see if you have missed any.

  • Completed all of Charlie Cole's 4th Echelon Missions

    Charlie's missions can be done solo, or with a partner via LIVE or split-screen.

    These missions can be launched by speaking to him inside his workshop in the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. His missions are the complete opposite of what Grim has to offer. Charlie wants you to defend your location in and around the Embassy until you're ready to extract. Each of his four missions have 20 waves of enemies, but you can extract after every five waves.

    You do not need to complete all 20 waves of each mission, however. The achievement will still unlock if you extract at wave 5 for all the missions.

  • Completed all of Isaac Briggs 's 4th Echelon Missions

    Briggs's missions are mandatory COOP, but can be done via LIVE or split-screen.

    His missions can be launched by speaking to him in the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. These particular set of missions are more of a story-driven COOP experience, rather than simply retrieving information or fending off waves of enemies. You can approach these missions with whichever playstyle you prefer. Just remember these cannot be done solo!

  • Dual Executed a helmeted enemy

    This achievement must be done in COOP with a human partner. Have one of the players fill up their Mark & Execute gauge. Now mark a helmeted enemy by tapping over them. When both players are near the marked enemy, there will be a "Hold " prompt on the screen which invites the second player to join in on the execution. Once the second player accepts, you will dual execute the hostile and unlock the achievement.

    You CANNOT do this on Perfectionist, as there is no Mark & Execute ability.

  • Won the COOP interrogation in VORON Station

    You will obtain this at the very end of Briggs's third COOP mission, Voron Station. When you get to the bottom floor of the security building, Sam and Briggs will breach a room and each interrogate a terrorist. Follow the on-screen prompts and move the thumbsticks around to scan the enemy's face until the SMI facial recognition bar on the left side of the screen reaches 100 percent.

    Whoever finishes their scan first will unlock the achievement. Reload the checkpoint immediately after the achievement unlocks so that the second player can obtain this too.

  • Logged into ShadowNet for the first time

    Once you gain control of Sam in the Prologue, pause the game by pressing the button. From this menu, tap to access ShadowNet where you can view various Daily and Weekly Challenges and Ubisoft news. The achievement unlocks as soon as you press the button.

  • Completed a Daily Challenge

    These Daily Challenges are directly tied to the Single Player Campaign and COOP missions. When you are in the Paladin's SMI, head over to the ShadowNet hub and click on the Daily Challenge for more details. These challenges consist of killing or knocking out a certain amount of enemies with a specific weapon or gadget.

  • Completed a Spies vs Mercs Weekly Challenge

    In Blacklist, Weekly Challenges are tied to the Multiplayer potion of the game. When you are in the Paladin's SMI, head over to the ShadowNet hub and click on the Weekly Challenge for more details. You will see a progress bar to the right of the challenge above the weekly timer. These challenges consist of getting a certain number of kills in a game mode or performing a specific action in a one of the game types. Remember that these challenges can be done in Private Matches.

  • Assisted teammates in 10 Spies vs Mercs objectives

    Take note that from here, all the achievements below - including this one - can be boosted in Private Matches.

    This achievement can be done with just two players - both on the same team. If you are setting up a Private Match, access the SMI inside the Paladin and tap to enter the Multiplayer Menu. Select Spies v. Mercs Multiplayer and change the match settings to:

    • Mode: Uplink Control
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 10
    • Capture Speed: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings nor which team you start out on. When the match begins, travel to the marked objective together and one player should begin capturing it. The person who is not capturing the objective gets the assist if they are standing right near their teammate. Move on to the rest of the objectives until one player gets all of their assists.

    Once you have captured all 10 objectives, the game will end so repeat this method for your partner. It should take no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Won a match in every Spies vs Mercs game mode

    There are five game modes in Splinter Cell Blacklist's Multiplayer:

    • SvM Classic
    • SvM Blacklist
    • Uplink Control
    • Extraction
    • Team Deathmatch

    For SvM Classic and SvM Blacklist, make sure you are on the bottom team in the game lobby (Spies). For Extraction, make sure you are on the top team (Mercs). The starting team Uplink Control does not matter.

    When setting up a Private Match, change the match settings to the following:

    • Hack Limit (for SvM): 1
    • Hack Speed (for SvM): Instant
    • Capture Limit (for Extraction and Uplink Control): 1
    • Courier Penalty (for Extraction): Off
    • Capture Speed (for Uplink Control): Instant

    This will ensure the rounds end quickly. When you switch sides and are defending, press and return to the lobby. This will automatically end the match and still count as a win.

    For Team Deathmatch, you will need at least one other person so that the teams are balanced. Change the "Kill Limit" to 10 under the Match Settings and pick a central meeting point since the spawn points are random.

  • Unlocked a Merc's Light Machine Gun

    Once you have reached Rank 5 in Multiplayer, you will be rewarded with three Multiplayer tokens which are essential in unlocking loadouts and weapons. Enter the "Customize Gear" hub and unlock a Merc loadout which will cost you one token and $100,000. Now scroll down to "Alternate Weapon" where you can find two different LMG's available to purchase for the achievement. Each LMG will cost $120,000.

  • Unlocked a custom loadout slot for Spy or Merc

    Once you have one token and $100,000 to spend, you can unlock your first custom loadout in the "Customize Gear" hub from the SMI or Multiplayer menu. I recommend unlocking a Merc loadout first to make Firearm Accessed easier.

  • Achieved Rank 10 in Spies vs Mercs

    You can either do this online via Xbox LIVE or in a Private Match. If you decide to do this privately, select SvM Blacklist as the game mode. Set the Match Settings to the following:

    • Hack Limit: 3
    • Hack Time: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings. You will earn 750 points for each successful hack, thus netting you 2250 XP for each match. When the round ends and you switch to the Mercs, allow the starting countdown to expire. From here, select “Return to Lobby” so it counts as a win and you gain the XP. Each match lasts just over a minute, so you can unlock this achievement in about 20-25 minutes.

  • Hacked a terminal in a Spies vs Mercs SvM Blacklist or SvM Classic match

    Set up a Private Match with the following settings:

    • Mode: SvM Blacklist
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Hack Limit: 1
    • Hack Speed: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings. Before starting the match, remember to make sure you are on the bottom team in the game lobby (Spies). After spawning, make your way to any of the three terminals and hold to hack it. After a few seconds, the achievement will unlock.

  • Carried home the intel in a Spies vs Mercs Extraction match

    Set up a Private Match with the following settings:

    • Mode: Extraction
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 1
    • Courier Penalty: Off (this will allow you to run while carrying intel)

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings. Before starting the match, remember to make sure you are on the top team in the game lobby (Mercs). When the match starts, make your way towards the marked objective. Press when you are reach the intel to pick it and carry it back to your drop-off zone. The achievement will unlock after securing the intel inside the briefcase at the drop-off zone.

  • Captured a control point in a Spies vs Mercs Uplink Control match

    Set up a Private Match with the following settings:

    • Mode: Uplink Control
    • Map: Particle Accelerator
    • Capture Limit: 1
    • Capture Speed: Instant

    Do not worry about changing any of the other settings or which team you start out on. After spawning, proceed to the marked objective and hold to capture it. The achievement will unlock immediately after capturing the control point.


Secret achievements

  • Completed Safehouse

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Insurgent Stronghold

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed American Consumption

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Private Estate

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Abandoned Mill

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Special Missions HQ

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Transit Yards

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Detention Facility

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Survived the attack on Paladin

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed LNG Terminal

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed all of Andriy Kobin's 4th Echelon Missions


    This is COOP story related and cannot be missed. Kobin's missions can be done solo, or with a partner via LIVE or split-screen.

    Kobin's missions can launched by speaking to him in the Holding Cells of the Paladin or from the SMI's Multiplayer Menu. His missions are a throwback to Splinter Cell Conviction's Hunter mode: You will have to neutralize all the enemies in a two-stage map. If you are detected, the hostiles on the map will double as reinforcements close in on you. Ghost and Panther playstyles are suggested for these missions, as well as non-lethal gadgets and silenced weapons.

    Remember to be on the lookout for Dead Drops, Blacklist Laptops, and HVT's during these three missions!


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