- Estimated achievement difficulty:1/10
- Offline: 20 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100010-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (level select available).
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Second controller.

Bikini Bottom is in trouble and only a truly spongy hero can save it! Based on The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, this action-platformer has a story as whacked-out as you'd expect. It features playable versions of SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton. When his dreams come to life, SpongeBob threatens reality itself and only a trip deep inside his porous yellow brain can set things right. Luckily, a magical dolphin grants the Bikini Bottom gang superpowers to help them survive the challenges of SpongeBob's weird mind. You'll solve puzzles, fight crazy enemies, and explore the game's wild locations while using each character's unique abilities. You can even play co-op with three of your friends!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Simply play through 15 levels, collecting items as you go (six per level). There aren't really any hard parts or confusing issues in this game, so you should get 1000 easily. There are six collectibles in each level, but they are all either in plain site, or in an area where you just have to pan a bit or drop/raise yourself to another level. None of them require a lot of searching or problem solving. The rest of the time is spent collecting coins and either fighting or avoiding bad guys. You don't get any points or bonuses for fighting guys, so it's quicker to just rip through any areas you can without stopping to fight. Please refer to individual achievements for any questions.

A second controller is needed to work in tandem in order to get into area where collectibles are located. None of these are actually difficult, so you can just do it yourself with a second controller, or of course, you can play with a friend. You can play the entire level solo, then join with the other controller for the 10 seconds needed in order to get the collectible and then just back out with the second controller.

By pushing pause on any level, you can see how many collectibles (one on each level) and pages (five on each) you have. Simply go to the levels you need items on and replay them, looking for hidden areas and hard to reach platforms.

This is a very easy game and pretty fun for one playthrough. Leveling up each character can be a bore, but you should have 1000 in no time.

Special thanks/credit to Hottub Cowboy.

[XBA would like to thank fvkasm2x & Viktor Vaughn for this Roadmap]

Spongebob Heropants Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find the first missing page


    During the first level, after you get the prompt to press twice to double jump, you'll see a giant gold coin. Follow the path up the mountain and you'll find your first missing page.

  • Finish the game with any character


    This will unlock after finishing level 15. You do not need to do it with every character, just one will do. I advise using Spongebob on this level though, as you can also knock out "Like Looking In A Mirror" at the same time.

  • Collect all the missing pages


    There are a total of 75 missing pages.

    Characters needed for the missing pages:

    • Level 1 - 5 pieces, all SpongeBob.
    • Level 2 - 4 pieces, need Patrick.
    • Level 3 - 4 pieces, all Spongebob.
    • Level 4 - 4 pieces, need Squidward, Mr. Krabs or Plankton.
    • Level 5 - 4 pieces, need Sandy, Patrick & Mr. Krabs or Plankton.
    • Level 6 - 4 pieces, need Mr. Krabs.
    • Level 7 - 4 pieces, all SpongeBob.
    • Level 8 - 4 pieces, need Squidward or Sandy.
    • Level 9 - 4 pieces, need Mr. Krabs.
    • Level 10 - 4 pieces, need Plankton & Sandy.
    • Level 11 - 4 pieces, all Spongebob.
    • Level 12 - 4 pieces, need Patrick.
    • Level 13 - 4 pieces, need Plankton.
    • Level 14 - 4 pieces, all SpongeBob.
    • Level 15 - 4 pieces, need Sandy.

    You do not need to play the levels as these people, you just need them to get access to one of the pieces. You can play the level as anyone, join the game with your second controller in order to get the collectible and then back out immediately. Some collectibles are behind doors you need to smash with certain characters. An icon on the door (such as an acorn for Sandy) indicates what character is needed to get into the door.

  • Find all the memorabilia


    There are a total of 15 memorabilia. Memorabilia are the gold status found in each level. For the most part they are out in the open and not hard to find. While a couple may require a bit more work, like using a second character or opening an alternate section of the level.

    • SpongeBob Squarepants
    • Patrick Star
    • Eugene H. Krabs
    • SpongeBob's House
    • Invencibubble
    • Mr. Superawesomeness
    • Krusty Krab
    • Sour Note
    • Sandy Cheeks
    • Sheldon J. Plankton
    • The Rodent
    • Gary
    • Plank-Ton
    • Sir Pinch-A-Lot
    • Squidward Tentacles
  • Defeat the Giant Plankton Bot

    Story related and cannot be missed! You will face the Giant Plankton bot at the end of level five, War Zone.

    This is a really easy fight. You will start the battle in hero mode and will stay in hero mode for the entire battle. Simply smash to hit the giant eye on the bot. The Giant Plankton bot will also send out several small enemies at once during the battle. Again simply continue to smash to defeat the enemies.

    Also the Giant Plankton bot has three other attacks. The first is where it will launch forward in one direction. You will see a series of red lines on the ground which makes it extremely easy to dodge. The second is when the bot will run around in full circle around the platform. And the third the bot will shoot its ketchup cannon to the right and left, so stay in the middle to avoid being hit.

  • Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex


    Story related and cannot be missed!

    You will come across Squidwardosaurus Rex at the end of level 10, Prehistory. Recommend plaything through this level as Squidward to unlock the "Scary Me" achievement in one go. This another very easy boss battle. All you have to do is follow the path until you reach the end. Avoid collecting the coins as this will slow you down.

  • Upgrade an ability

    Use coins collected in the levels to upgrade your skills. You will need to upgrade all of them for every character in order to get 1000.

  • Can



    Fully upgrade any character

    See "I'm Super Awesome."

  • Fully upgrade all characters

    It takes playing roughly 10 levels in order to get enough coins to max out your abilities. After completing the game, you're probably best off playing level two repeatedly to farm coins.

    Here are the skills that need to be upgraded for every character:

    • Health - 300, 400, 500 coins
    • Super Powers - 400, 500, 500 coins
    • Slam Attacks - 300, 400, 500 coins
    • Hit Combo - 400, 500, 500 coins
    • Burger Blaster - 400, 500, 500 coins
  • Finish a level without using any Blaster Burgers

    Just don't shoot anyone (press ) with the burgers you collect in a level. Don't even collect the burgers, so you won't be tempted! This really isn't hard. I rarely used this ability all game.

  • Jump 100 times on trampolines

    You might get this in one playthrough, or at least very close to it. The earliest you will use a trampoline is during level three, War Zone. They appear ass pink seashells or jellyfishes. Early in the level you will have to push a button to reveal the trampoline to boost you to the next area. If you haven't unlocked this by the time you upgrade every character with coins, simply stay idle while jumping on the trampoline until the achievement unlocks.

  • Finish a level without taking any damage


    When you get to Squidwardsaurus Rex towards the end of level 10, just get hit by him and you will be back at the start of the short chase sequence. This resets all your damage to zero so after this simply run to the end of the level and the achievement should pop.

  • Finish a level without falling unconscious

    Essentially, just don't "die" during a level. It's nearly impossible to die and this will come naturally.

  • Avoid being squashed by Patrickosaurus

    While bouncing along the platforms, just avoid the smash of Patrickosaurus as you play through. This is done on level nine.

  • Get Patrick squashed by Patrickosaurus

    Play as Patrick and get crushed. Do this first, get crushed and then restart the level.

  • Wake up Imaginary SpongeBob as SpongeBob


    Finish the last level with Spongebob. Simple as that.

  • Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex as Squidward


    Run Forrest, run! Just keep moving and don't stop to collect the coins. Very easy, providing you don't lollygag.

  • Become a superhero 100 times


    This will probably come while playing through the game. I had this pop for me in level 14, as I powered up whenever possible. If not, just do it while coin farming after the game.

  • Get revived once

    Join with the second controller and have your player damaged enough by the bad guys so that you need to be revived. Move your second guy over near your first and he revives him. Simple as that.

  • Revive 5 allies during one session

    Have your second controller damaged repeatedly and then keep reviving him. Must be done in the same level or session (done in a couple of minutes if trying to die on purpose).

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