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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play all four game types at least once each

  • Get a king in Checkers

  • Play online for 5 games

  • Playing online, play at least one game of all four game types in the same session

  • Win a game of Mancala with 27 pieces or more

  • Capture all four corners in any game of Reversi

  • Play Checkers and in any game get five Kings

  • Play online with a friend and win 2 Mancala games as white and 2 as black

  • Win a ranked match in all four game types

  • Play online and win 10 Chess games

  • Beat the AI at all four games

  • Win at Chess while taking every one of your opponent’s pieces except for the King


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Spyglass Board Games Achievements FAQ

  • How many Spyglass Board Games achievements are there?
    There are 12 achievements to unlock in Spyglass Board Games worth a total of 200 gamerscore.

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