Doll Fancier Achievement in Stacking

  • Doll Fancier



    Collected all unique dolls in Gilded Steam Ship.


    How to unlock Doll Fancier

    Note: You won't be able to find all dolls in this area until you get the bonus Challenge, which appears after completing the story mission in the level.

    List of Dolls:
    1. Kodiak Bear
    2. Pied Piper
    3. Hans Allendorf
    4. Mummy
    5. Ronaldo
    6. Peatrice
    7. Gwendola
    8. Prestige
    9. Caviar Chef Vladimir
    10. Gruel Chef Hornsby
    11. Buffet Host Yves
    12. Mess Officer Morris
    13. Ferdinand Reginald
    14. Exhibit Guard Walter
    15. Gilded Sarcophagus
    16. Madame Habitant
    17. The Hunter Darby
    18. Professor Ramses
    19. Doktor Exakt
    20. Map Assistant Gilbert
    21. Pirate Chuck
    22. Captain Swing
    23. Safety Inspector Ludd
    24. Field Commander Appleyard
    25. Bobby Webb
    26. Billy Webb
    27. Dropped Anchor Drew

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