Train Trickster Achievement in Stacking

  • Train Trickster



    Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Royal Train Station.

    How to unlock Train Trickster

    Note: Hi-Jinks can not be done during your first visit to the train station, only after retuning from the ship.

    • Soliciting: Get the Solicitor Doll (has a top hat on), then as him, talk to 10 adult women.
    • Look Both Ways!: When you get back to Royal Train Station for the third time, you will be able to get into the larger size doll. Stack in him, then use his ability on 5 dolls. He is called Crossing guard, if you didn't notice him, he'll be standing infront of the train that takes you to the last area in the game.
    • You're IT!: Find the female child doll that is holding a lolly, use her ability on 5 other child dolls.
    • A Little Relieved!: Use Hans of the German doll family, use his ability (Go potty) in the men's bathroom.
    • A Blast From The Past: Find the doll who dressed in white (male doll) check to see if he has the “flatulate” ability and if he does, then go use it near all the old dolls (you can tell if they have white/grey hair).
    • The Black Widow: If you already have completed the challenge to get into the lounge you might have already used the Black Widow. If you haven't she is near that area, she has blonde hair, use her ability “Seduce” on 3 male dolls at once, make sure they are adult dolls as I don't think it works on children dolls.
    • Patronize: Get the Lounge Host doll (he is that doll you have to talk to during the lounge challenge), use his ability on 5 dolls.
    • Bathroom Chatterbox: Go into both bathrooms and talk to both dolls, you can do this as anyone, including Charlie.
    • Rule of Law: The Judge doll will be available after completing challenge 2 (only available after visiting Gilded Steam Ship and completing its story), use his ability on 5 dolls.
    • An Uninvited Uppercut: As the boxer doll, he is only available after visiting Gilded Steam Ship and completing its story, go to the lounge, and use his ability on 5 dolls there.

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  • what are these hi jinks pls i looked in my menu and dont see anything about hi jinks is it something that appears when the game is completed? Pls help!
  • Hi-Jinks are when you do a specific doll's thing on a specified other doll (some can be done on any doll, while others require specific circumstances (like the one little girl playing tag with 5 kids)). A panel will open up in the menu after you perform one on the Gilded Steam Ship. See for the list of what you need to do.

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