Doll Antiquarian Achievement in Stacking

  • Doll Antiquarian



    Collected all unique dolls in the Triple Decker Tank Engine.


    How to unlock Doll Antiquarian

    List of Dolls:
    1. Guard Dog Biscuits
    2. Fire Chief Russell
    3. Meriwether Malodor
    4. Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper
    5. Sir Sully Taintwell
    6. The Tailor Wickens
    7. Gilliam the Furry
    8. Rosie
    9. Gertie
    10. Peck the Clown
    11. Corporate Spy
    12. Gustav
    13. Sergei
    14. Ludwig
    15. Wolfgang
    16. Franz
    17. Piano Lead Frederic
    18. Albert Blackmore
    19. Agatha Blackmore
    20. Abigail Blackmore
    21. Archibald Blackmore
    22. Agnes Blackmore
    23. Hans Allendorf
    24. Spice Girl Jane
    25. Thad
    26. The Widow Chastity

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  • I was having a bit of trouble on this one with Rosie and Gertie(the two female-area guard dolls). You have to make sure that the doors to the female-only cage/area are CLOSED in order to get the option to stack onto them. If they're already open, just chose "Main Menu" and then "Continue" your game. You should be right back where you left and the doors should be closed.
  • You can use Tailor Wickens to get Rosie and Gertie. Measure them to make them around and stack in.

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