Super Tramp Achievement in Stacking

  • Super Tramp



    Complete all Hi-jinks in the Lost Hobo King adventure.

    How to unlock Super Tramp

    • Bashful: Find any Hobo doll and see if they have the “Bindle Bash” ability, use that on any 10 dolls.
    • Ten-Gallon Trawl: Find the kid doll with a fishing rod, use his “Go Fish” ability on 5 dolls with any kind of hat.
    • Bunny Train: Find any decent sized crowd, you have to make 5 jump at once with Mr. Whiskers. I found the best place to do this at was at the end of the story where everyone is gathered (at the starting area).
    • Patchy Behaviour: Find the female child doll, see if she has “Slap Patch” ability, use that on 5 other dolls.
    • Pail Faced: Use Bucky Bedroll's ability on 5 ghouls.
    • Racconnaissance: Stack into the raccoon and go into each of the 3 burrows, including the one you found him in, you will go through the second one to complete a solution to the challenge in the same area which you find the raccoon, then head back to central area, once entered, look to the right and you'll see a shed, enter it and that should be this hi-jink done.
    • Sir Splitter: Use Suit of Armor's ability on 10 other dolls.
    • Pan Fried Combo: Again like Bunny Train, make sure you're in a group of decent sized crowd, use Floyd Fire-Breather's ability then quickly unstack to Pliny Pan-Pounder and use his ability, you have to do this on 7 dolls at once. Can be done against the ghouls as well.
    • Smoked Meat: Take any small doll (not child doll) to the meat stand to get a meat hat, then use Cornelius Caboose's “Smoke Out” ability on the 5 dolls with meat hats.
    • The Rear Animal: Use Gilliam the Panda's “Unsavoury Sniff” ability on the backside of 5 adult dolls.

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  • Here are the Hi jinks, hope they help. Bashful - Hit dolls with the bindle bash ability Ten-Gallon Trawl - use "go fish" ability to yank off doll hats or helmets Bunny Train - Make 5 dolls bounce with mr. whiskers at once Patchy Behavior - use "slap patch" on dolls Pail Faced - Give ghouls bucket helmets Racconnaissance - Enter all burrows with the racoon Sir Splitter - Split dolls by jousting them Pan Fried Combo - Hit 7 dolls at the same time with a "fire breadth" and "pan handle" ability Smoked Meat - Use the smoke out ability on any doll with a meat hat The Rear Animal - Use "unsavory sniff" on the backside of adult dolls

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