Hobo Hustler Achievement in Stacking

  • Hobo Hustler



    Find all unique dolls in the Lost Hobo King adventure.


    How to unlock Hobo Hustler

    1. Cornelius Caboose
    2. Racoon (use Cornelius Caboose's ability to get him out of the cave)
    3. Gumps o' the Sea (use any hobo's ability on the tuna selling doll, he will drop out a fish)
    4. Wally Water-Belly (story related)
    5. Suit of Armor (grab a child doll with one of the carriers, place them behind the closed gate where the knight is, stack into the child doll and then stack into the knight)
    6. Bucky Bedroll
    7. Tristam Tugboy
    8. Pliny Pan-Pounder (story related)
    9. Stilton Red-Sticks
    10. Betty Bufflehead
    11. Floyd Fire-Breather (story related)
    12. Gilliam the Panda (use Mr. Whiskers' ability near him and he'll come down)
    13. Mr. Whiskers (stack into the raccoon and take him into the central bit of the level, just as entering it from where you get the raccoon, look to the right and you will notice a shed, go through it as the raccoon and then out the other exit, where the rabbit should come out with you)
    14. Deep Sea Hans (use any child doll's ability with a fishing rod near a rune sign in the second challenge area)

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