- Estimated difficulty: 2/10
- Offline Achievements: 17 [200 ]
- Online Achievements: 0
- Time to 250: 6-8 hours
- Missible achievements: None [Level Replay]
- Glitched achievements: None
- Does difficulty effect achievements? No Difficulty Options
- Do cheats effect achievements? No Cheats
- Number of playthroughs: 1

  • Hobo King DLC
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 250: 1 Hour
    • Unobtainable: None

Step 1 (Complete Story)
Complete the story first and foremost; don't worry too much about getting all solutions to challenges, collecting all dolls or hi-jinks. You can if you want to, its optional in this step. Achievements obtained during this step: "Strike Breaker", "Seasoned Swashbuckler", "Airship Adventurer", "Well Trained Traveler" and "Blackmore Stack". These are all story related achievements, they aren't missable, they will unlock as you progress through the game.

Step 2 (All Solutions to Challenges)
Once completed story you can return to any of the challenges you didn't do all solutions to, there is a hint system which resets each time you complete the challenge, if you can't figure out how to complete the challenge, use the hint system, hint three pretty much does the challenge for you as it tells you what you need to do exactly.

Achievements obtained during this step: "Solution Sleuth", "Ship Solver", "Blimp Buster", "Loco Motivated". These can be left until the end of the game, but you can also do them during story.

Step 3 (Dolls)
Finding all dolls isn't as hard as you would think. You can go to your collection, see what dolls you didn't get during the story and below they are in the order they would be listed in the game, so all you have to do is look at the numbers you didnt get, with video guides created by Treisgar which will show you where to find the dolls.

Achievements obtained during this step: "Doll Hobbyist", "Doll Fancier", "Doll Connoisseur", "Doll Antiquarian". Unique dolls are dolls in an area that there is only one of. If you come along a doll and don't think you have seen it in the area before, stack into it as it is more likely an unique doll.

Step 4 (Hi-Jinks)
These are sidequests which are attached to certain dolls. You'll know once you completed them, a part of the doll will become gold. I will list what is needed for all of the challenges, they are very simple to do.

Achievements obtained during this step: "Train Trickster", "Maritime Merriment", "Dirigible Daredevil", "Triple Train Trickster". These are possibly the only thing you might need a guide with since Hi-Jinks don't have hints. Some you may get without trying, but there will be a lot that you may be clueless about. Most of them are 'use this doll's ability on 5/10 other dolls,' some are stacking-related and some are for doing stuff like playing round the level, using zip lines etc.

Hobo King DLC

Step 1 (Story)
Complete the story, it's also possible to get "Hobo Hustler" in this step, the dolls aren't very hard to find, there's only 14 of them and only 3 story related dolls, all challenges and hi-jinks can't be completed during this step as you need 2 of the story related dolls to complete the last solution in the last challenge and you will also need the exact same dolls to complete a hi-jink.

Achievements obtained during this step;
"Hobo Hustler"
"King Maker"

Refer to achievement guide if you get stuck with "Hobo Hustler", I have included a video guide which Treisgar created, along with some written guides.

Step 2 (All Solutions to Challenges)
Like the normal game of Stacking, hints can be abused, press 3 times if you have any trouble doing any solution to any challenge, the sixth solution to the last challenge might be a bit confusing and it may also be the only one you have left if you completed all solutions you could during the story, refer to the guide for extra details.

Achievements obtained during this step;
"Master Mendicant"

Step 3 (Hi-Jinks)
This should be the only achievement you have left now, just like the normal game, hi-jinks are sidequests related to certain dolls, if you did all the hi-jinks you could during story, refer to the guide for extra details on the last one.

Achievements obtained during this step;
"Super Tramp"

Hi-jinks normally consist of using a dolls 5-10 times on any other doll or playing round the level.

Stacking is a very easy 200 and enjoyable game, it doesn't take very long to complete, easy to pick up and learn too.

[XBA would like to thank TakahashiDemon for this Roadmap.]

Stacking Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Collected all unique dolls in Gilded Steam Ship.


    Note: You won't be able to find all dolls in this area until you get the bonus Challenge, which appears after completing the story mission in the level.

    List of Dolls:
    1. Kodiak Bear
    2. Pied Piper
    3. Hans Allendorf
    4. Mummy
    5. Ronaldo
    6. Peatrice
    7. Gwendola
    8. Prestige
    9. Caviar Chef Vladimir
    10. Gruel Chef Hornsby
    11. Buffet Host Yves
    12. Mess Officer Morris
    13. Ferdinand Reginald
    14. Exhibit Guard Walter
    15. Gilded Sarcophagus
    16. Madame Habitant
    17. The Hunter Darby
    18. Professor Ramses
    19. Doktor Exakt
    20. Map Assistant Gilbert
    21. Pirate Chuck
    22. Captain Swing
    23. Safety Inspector Ludd
    24. Field Commander Appleyard
    25. Bobby Webb
    26. Billy Webb
    27. Dropped Anchor Drew

  • Completed the Gilded Steam Ship Adventure.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed all Hi-Jinks in Gilded Steam Ship.


    • Masquerade Ball: Take 5 Child Dolls to the artist makeover shop next to the Buffet where you had to do a challenge. Simply talk to the doll in there with each doll and he will do a makeover.
    • Nesting Instinct: Find the Pelican, near the Safari and fly to each of the 4 nests in the level.
    • Animal Stacks: Stack into Prestige the Dog, then Pelican, then the Kodiak Bear (he's found after finding a nest location, near the nest next to the safari), you have to have all 3 of these at the same time.
    • Broadsides!: Use Pirate Chuck to make 5 dolls faint. It tends to work best on small dolls or women, doesn't seem to work on larger dolls.
    • A Mass Effect: Use Ronaldo's ability on 10 other dolls.
    • Anchor Love: Use Dropped Anchor Drew's ability near 5 female dolls.
    • Steward Season: Use the Safari Owner doll to shoot 10 stewards. Yhey are the guys in white coats, wearing blue shirts.
    • All Wrapped Up: Use Professor Ramses' ability on 5 other dolls, only works on dolls that are smaller than him.
    • Lil' Stinky: Find any male child doll, so long it isn't Hans, check if they have the Toot ability, use that on 5 other child dolls, may work on adult dolls too, I didnt try it with them though.
    • Slap Happy: Find the doll who has the White Glove Slap ability, it'll be a male doll, then do that on 10 dolls.
  • Found all solutions to all Gilded Steam Ship challenges.

    Refer to “Solution Sleuth” for further details.

  • Collected all unique dolls in the Royal Train Station.

    Note: You won't be able to find all dolls in this area until your third visit.

    List of Dolls:
    1. Meriwether Malodor
    2. Hans Allendorf
    3. Luydmila Allendorf
    4. Ursula Allendorf
    5. Guard Perry
    6. Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper
    7. The Widow Chastity
    8. Solicitor Barnabas
    9. Ticketeer Frederick
    10. Conductor Orville
    11. Engineer Ulysses
    12. Strike Leader Chesley
    13. Lounge Host Demoreuille
    14. Drummer Percy
    15. Key Master Dawson
    16. Judge Meantal
    17. Engineer Switch
    18. Engineer Cross

  • Completed the Train Strike Adventure.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Royal Train Station.

    Note: Hi-Jinks can not be done during your first visit to the train station, only after retuning from the ship.

    • Soliciting: Get the Solicitor Doll (has a top hat on), then as him, talk to 10 adult women.
    • Look Both Ways!: When you get back to Royal Train Station for the third time, you will be able to get into the larger size doll. Stack in him, then use his ability on 5 dolls. He is called Crossing guard, if you didn't notice him, he'll be standing infront of the train that takes you to the last area in the game.
    • You're IT!: Find the female child doll that is holding a lolly, use her ability on 5 other child dolls.
    • A Little Relieved!: Use Hans of the German doll family, use his ability (Go potty) in the men's bathroom.
    • A Blast From The Past: Find the doll who dressed in white (male doll) check to see if he has the “flatulate” ability and if he does, then go use it near all the old dolls (you can tell if they have white/grey hair).
    • The Black Widow: If you already have completed the challenge to get into the lounge you might have already used the Black Widow. If you haven't she is near that area, she has blonde hair, use her ability “Seduce” on 3 male dolls at once, make sure they are adult dolls as I don't think it works on children dolls.
    • Patronize: Get the Lounge Host doll (he is that doll you have to talk to during the lounge challenge), use his ability on 5 dolls.
    • Bathroom Chatterbox: Go into both bathrooms and talk to both dolls, you can do this as anyone, including Charlie.
    • Rule of Law: The Judge doll will be available after completing challenge 2 (only available after visiting Gilded Steam Ship and completing its story), use his ability on 5 dolls.
    • An Uninvited Uppercut: As the boxer doll, he is only available after visiting Gilded Steam Ship and completing its story, go to the lounge, and use his ability on 5 dolls there.
  • Found all of the solutions to all of the Royal Train Station challenges.

    Challenges are really easy in this game, especially with the hint system. Hint 3 tells you everything you need to know. There is no achievement for using no hints so you might as well abuse this feature if you're not sure how to complete a challenge or can't figure out any other solution. Hints refresh each time you complete a challenge, so when you use a hint again, it'll be telling you how to do the challenge with a different solution.

    To use hints press at the Challenges section when you highlight the challenge you want to do. You'll have to wait several seconds between using hints.

  • Completed the Zeppelin of Consequence Adventure.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Found all solutions to all Triple Decker Tank Engine challenges.

    Refer to “Solution Sleuth” for further details.

  • Collected all unique dolls in the Triple Decker Tank Engine.

    List of Dolls:
    1. Guard Dog Biscuits
    2. Fire Chief Russell
    3. Meriwether Malodor
    4. Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper
    5. Sir Sully Taintwell
    6. The Tailor Wickens
    7. Gilliam the Furry
    8. Rosie
    9. Gertie
    10. Peck the Clown
    11. Corporate Spy
    12. Gustav
    13. Sergei
    14. Ludwig
    15. Wolfgang
    16. Franz
    17. Piano Lead Frederic
    18. Albert Blackmore
    19. Agatha Blackmore
    20. Abigail Blackmore
    21. Archibald Blackmore
    22. Agnes Blackmore
    23. Hans Allendorf
    24. Spice Girl Jane
    25. Thad
    26. The Widow Chastity

  • Completed the Final Challenge.

    Just like all the other challenges, hints can be used. Press for hints in the Challenges menu. This challenge only has to be completed once. At the end of the challenge there is a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Now hopefully you'll know how this game works, if not, it works like this:

    • Scissors>Paper
    • Paper>Rock
    • Rock>Scissors

    The Baron will have a glow round him, whatever he is. Example, if he's paper, you hop into a Scissor doll just before he comes to get you, attack him, then attack him again when he is a smaller doll, then one more time and that's it done. If he gets into one of the Scissor, Paper or Rock dolls again, you will have to do it over again, he gets quicker as he gets smaller, using the inside circle to catch him works.

  • Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Triple Decker Tank Engine.

    • The Warm Embrace: Use Gilliam's ability on 5 female dolls, he won't do it on kids.
    • Hallowed Sheets: Use the dolls with sheets to cover 5 smaller dolls.
    • Clocked Out: He'll have a ruler thing on his head and a monocle, knock down 5 dolls with his ability.
    • Soup for the Sick: Find a soup child in the area where there will be an unique doll sneezing on other dolls, wait for him to sneeze on a doll and give that doll soup right away.
    • Tickle Gas: Dust Meriwether Malador with one of the maids.
    • Clownaclysm: Get the Clown from the Pop up box by annoying the guard with a brush or hammer kid, stack into the clown and scare 5 child dolls.
    • Belly Bumper: Find a Bully doll and use his ability on 5 child dolls.
    • The Artful Dodger: Find 4 unique guards as you progress through the level and when near them, quickly unstack down to Charlie, then when the guard runs at you, stack back into any doll so he "loses" you.
    • Evil Stack: Stack the woman with a winder on her head (Overtime! ability) or the top-hat man (Oil Spill ability), then one of the monocle-wearing men (Pollute ability) and finally a monocled-woman (Carbon Footprint ability).
    • Masked Missus: Find the Spy, he's not very missible, and disguise 5 female dolls with his ability.
  • Found all solutions to all Zeppelin of Consequence challenges.

    Refer to “Solution Sleuth” for further details.

  • Collected all unique dolls in the Zeppelin of Consequence.


    List of Dolls:
    1. Prima Donna Wilhemina
    2. Meriwether Malodor
    3. Felicity Fowler
    4. Hazard Suit
    5. Ambassador Bon Appetite
    6. Ambassador Osman
    7. Ambassador Log
    8. Ambassador Chaka
    9. Ambassador Wroll
    10. Hans Allendorf
    11. Spice Girl Jane
    12. Portia Peacock
    13. Cromwell the Terrible
    14. Gate Keeper
    15. Cecil Dumheal (Film Crew #5)
    16. Donald Capulet (Film Crew #4)
    17. Camera Man Joe (Film Crew #3)
    18.Trixie (Film Crew #2 )
    19.Equipment man Leander (Film Crew #1)
    20. Flag Bearer Goff
    21. Recreation Officer Chip
    22. Thad
    23. Fire Chief Russel
    24. Peacock

  • Completed the Triple Decker Tank Engine adventure.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Zeppelin of Consequence.

    • Terrible Melvin: Use Cromwell the Terrible's abilities on 10 male dolls, he won't do it on kids or female dolls.
    • Scribbled On: After completing this level's story you will be able to stack into the Ambassadors, stack into the one with the pen and use his ability on 5 dolls.
    • Flower Power: Find Felicity and use her ability on 10 dolls, can be done on groups to make this faster.
    • Zippity Do-Da: Use the zip line 3 times, with any doll, it is at the start part of the level and the Stop the Car Challenge, it can only be used once you have reached the challenge area.
    • Shattered: Use the Viking lady (she is hard to miss, she's the biggest doll in the first room) to break 5 glasses by singing, to do this, go near to tables and use her ability.
    • Steward Stack: Stack any 4 stewards (guys with navy suits), find the smallest mechanic and then 3 stewards.
    • Say Cheese: Find the doll with the camera that will take pictures, use his ability on 10 dolls.
    • Girls on Film: Use Camera Man Joe's ability on 10 adult women.
    • Floating High: Fly Balloon Stewards to both waiter stations, they are in the first room, first one takes you to one, then the 2 after that one takes you to another one, he wont go up if someone is already up there.
    • Mime Abuse: Find all mimes (5 of them) and hit them using the doll which has Northern Kiss (he is dressed like a Highlander), or the female doll with a handbag which has Purse Smash, they aren't hard to find, one is in the Stop the Car challenge area, while the rest are near the start of the level.

DLC: Lost Hobo King

There are 4 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Complete all Hi-jinks in the Lost Hobo King adventure.

    • Bashful: Find any Hobo doll and see if they have the “Bindle Bash” ability, use that on any 10 dolls.
    • Ten-Gallon Trawl: Find the kid doll with a fishing rod, use his “Go Fish” ability on 5 dolls with any kind of hat.
    • Bunny Train: Find any decent sized crowd, you have to make 5 jump at once with Mr. Whiskers. I found the best place to do this at was at the end of the story where everyone is gathered (at the starting area).
    • Patchy Behaviour: Find the female child doll, see if she has “Slap Patch” ability, use that on 5 other dolls.
    • Pail Faced: Use Bucky Bedroll's ability on 5 ghouls.
    • Racconnaissance: Stack into the raccoon and go into each of the 3 burrows, including the one you found him in, you will go through the second one to complete a solution to the challenge in the same area which you find the raccoon, then head back to central area, once entered, look to the right and you'll see a shed, enter it and that should be this hi-jink done.
    • Sir Splitter: Use Suit of Armor's ability on 10 other dolls.
    • Pan Fried Combo: Again like Bunny Train, make sure you're in a group of decent sized crowd, use Floyd Fire-Breather's ability then quickly unstack to Pliny Pan-Pounder and use his ability, you have to do this on 7 dolls at once. Can be done against the ghouls as well.
    • Smoked Meat: Take any small doll (not child doll) to the meat stand to get a meat hat, then use Cornelius Caboose's “Smoke Out” ability on the 5 dolls with meat hats.
    • The Rear Animal: Use Gilliam the Panda's “Unsavoury Sniff” ability on the backside of 5 adult dolls.
  • Find all unique dolls in the Lost Hobo King adventure.

    1. Cornelius Caboose
    2. Racoon (use Cornelius Caboose's ability to get him out of the cave)
    3. Gumps o' the Sea (use any hobo's ability on the tuna selling doll, he will drop out a fish)
    4. Wally Water-Belly (story related)
    5. Suit of Armor (grab a child doll with one of the carriers, place them behind the closed gate where the knight is, stack into the child doll and then stack into the knight)
    6. Bucky Bedroll
    7. Tristam Tugboy
    8. Pliny Pan-Pounder (story related)
    9. Stilton Red-Sticks
    10. Betty Bufflehead
    11. Floyd Fire-Breather (story related)
    12. Gilliam the Panda (use Mr. Whiskers' ability near him and he'll come down)
    13. Mr. Whiskers (stack into the raccoon and take him into the central bit of the level, just as entering it from where you get the raccoon, look to the right and you will notice a shed, go through it as the raccoon and then out the other exit, where the rabbit should come out with you)
    14. Deep Sea Hans (use any child doll's ability with a fishing rod near a rune sign in the second challenge area)

  • Complete the Lost Hobo King adventure.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Find all solutions to all of the Lost Hobo King challenges.

    Use 3 times for hints if you need to. There are 3 challenges in the game, 2 with 3 solutions and the last one has 6 solutions. The sixth solution in the last one cannot be done until you complete the story.

    Once you have completed the story, stack into the 2 bigger dolls of the Blacksmith Family (dolls you use to forge the crown) and take them to the third challenge area. Use the larger one's ability (breathe fire) then quicky unstack and use the smaller one's ability on the doll you unstacked from. This will cause the fire to explode 'round the place, destroying the ghouls. Don't worry if a ghoul gets you if you have opened a gate, when you retry you just have to head towards the gate, it'll stay open until you complete the challenge.

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