Ultimate Battler Achievement

  • Ultimate Battler



    Obtain 100% of all battle trophies.

    There are 900 total battle trophies, 100 for each playable character. For all the "per battle" trophies, such as consecutive hits or exact damage, you will personally have to do the action. For some of the larger accumulated ones, such as fighting a certain number of battles, those can be worked on by the AI. However, to actually force the trophy to unlock, you have to use that character personally in battle (some require that you end the battle in control of them). For instance, I never used Faize until the second boss battle, but at the end of that battle I got two trophies for Faize for completing 50 and 100 battles.

    A nice way to work on some of the more technical trophies is to return to an older area and set everyone to manual control, then use whichever character you need so the AI won't screw it up for you.

    Concerning Faize: you won't have him the entire game during your first playthrough, but on any subsequent play (so long as you do a "clear data save" at the end of your first play) you can choose to keep him in your party instead of taking on the new recruit during the story.

    A full list of the trophies can be found here. A walkthrough with tips can be found here. This achievement can be worked on over multiple playthroughs, but each trophy's individual stats will only be on one save file. For instance, if you need to kill 100 enemies, you can't kill 99 on one save and then 1 on another to unlock the trophy. All 100 would need to be killed on the same save file. Once you did that, the actual trophy will move to any of your other save files though.
  • for 10g this bitch aint worth all the fucking work (there are over 900 trothies to collect!)
  • but you get 10g for each 10% so depending on how you look at it, you actually get 100g by the time you're done. or 10g per 90 BTs. granted those last 90 are probably going to be harder then the first 600 really.
  • I just considered doing this, did a few, then changed my mind. Too time consuming. The game isn't fun enough nor is collecting 900 of these to actually do it. Yeah, it'd be a good feeling 100%ing this game, but there's other games I'd much rather play that would give me a good fun proud 100% like gears of war or something. Rather than a boring miserable grind, personally they should've just done 200 hard ones like SO3 instead of what 850 easy but grind your ass off trophies and like 50 hard ones? probably less. Oh well, I won't be owning this game much longer.
  • I'll tell you what the problem is: the Japanese don't know how to make Achievements. Period. Look at any JRPG on the 360.
  • You guys can moan all you want about the trophies, but the fact is they are there for hardcore achievers. It's NOT compulsary to get every achievement. At least for those who do it's a decent challenge, and makes this game a very awesome 100% to have. I know cause I'm 17 trophies away from the 100% and they aren't very hard ones. I'll be very proud of this 1000 when I get it.
  • just a tip for getting lymle to 50% for level cap purposes: in the colisseum fight a low ranked mob and as soon as the battle starts, use the hide skill, roll a few times(3), silence the enmy and then hound grenade it. if you fight 100 undead and 100 scumbag enemies this should net about 30 trophies in just a few hours
  • worst game for 1000
  • finally got it I'm gonna burn this sucker now.
  • i would say if you get 1000G on this game then you would be a true achievement hunter to be honest and trying to max this game is very difficult and time taking but at least your working for it and being given the achievements on a plate like the one avatar game that everybody knows of.
  • I am so close to this one. It gets boring sometimes so I will put the game aside for a while and play some other ones then come back to it and do a few more.
  • If u can pull this off you are truly a gamer. Unfortunately I just got into jrpgs so this won't be happening for me. I think only the gamers that have been with these games for a while can last through it.
  • Not worth it? Bah. It may be really time consuming and a bit difficult, but they are there in place for re-playability. You can spend one play through with one character, and the next one with another. It isn't what most people will do, but that was the intent from how it looks. Each character is different in play style, so it does add a degree of difficulty to make a play through single character. As long as that character is not Edge.

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