World's Biggest Welch Fan Achievement

  • World's Biggest Welch Fan



    Create 100% of all possible items.

    The Item Creation guide can be found here and the locations of items you may need to craft everything can be found here. There are 321 items to create in all. I would highly suggest writing down whenever you make something so you're not confused toward the end of what items you're missing and still need to make. There are checklists in the Encylopedia thread on the forums to assist you in keeping track. Make sure you take note of the missable recipes in the beginning of the game and the four missable items you need Faize to invent from the Road Map at the top of this guide. If you miss any of those things you won't be able to get 100% - it needs to be done in a single playthrough.
  • Be sure to use every possible combination of your characters in item creation before Faize leaves your party, since specific items require different characters to be in the crafting party. Once Faize leaves your party, you can make all the items that require Arumat (as long as you have the materials).
  • good to know
  • Keep a list of all the items you make and save often.

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