Treasure Hoarder Achievement

  • Treasure Hoarder



    Open 100% of all treasure chests.

    A walkthrough of all the chests for this achievement can be found here. Be aware that many chests are missable, so be thorough in every section. Also make sure to charge your rings before going into any dungeon since some you can not leave and can not return to; if you're out of Fire blasts and come across an Ice chest, you'll be out of luck. If you follow the chest guide you will get the 50% achievement inside the Purgatorium. This achievement must be done in a single playthrough.
  • are the treasure chests in Alanaire citadel missable? I dont have Trinity Blaze...
  • Ok so trinity blaze i cannot get yet till i get the proper ring. But I did miss a shining stone?

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