Massacred Manifest Achievement

  • Massacred Manifest



    Defeated Armaros Manifest in the grimy depths of the Miga Insect Warren.

    Story related, can not be missed.
  • How in the name of all that is holy do you beat this son of a hitch? All my characters were raped of health in just a couple of moves. So I spent most my time healing or curing poison/ silence than actually fighting. Had a full inventory of healing stuff and everything else. All got used, and I don't think I made much of a dent on its health either. Stuck in the Miga Insect Warren with my save just before the battle with no way out. Worst of all I had spent an hour in battle and had 8 battle trophies waiting to be unlocked.
  • hey man i hear you there i had trouble with this one too, but i'll tell u my strategy, first i should tell you on my lastest xbox version i had mega HP because of HP Boost on all them(Edge,Reimi,Aramat,Myura/Sarah) i just let edge,Aramat,and Reimido the work did a couple rush combos and stayed on healers and i think i got him about maybe 1 hour, if your lucky u can get him in 30 mins. anyways hope this helps dude, ps: make your healers have auto-healing doesn't hurt on Reimi either

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