Universal Victor Achievement

  • Universal Victor



    Completed the game on the Universe difficulty level.

    To unlock Universe difficulty you must first beat the game once. Start a new game (be sure to transfer your collection data) and play through the story a second time on Universe for this achievement.
  • whats considered beating the game? i thought i beat the game but the universe difficulty wasn't unlocked do i have to beat the eternal queen as well? any help would be great!
  • To unlock Universe difficulty, you simply have to proceed through Nox Obscurus and the Palace of Creation and Defeat Sataniel. You will unlock an achievement for doing so. Once the endings and credits have finished, you will be prompted to save your "Clear Data". Do so and when you select New game from the main menu, Universe difficulty will be unlocked. Once you beat Universe, Chaos will be unlocked in the same manner. Good luck!
  • Also, if for whatever reason you lose your data, all of your collection data stays with your gamer card. For example, I owned this game a few years back but sold it because I needed the money. I got it again recently, and Universe mode was already unlocked, all the battle trophies I last had, spaceship, monster, and weapon data were all still there. I was very pleased by this haha

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