Reimi's Ending Achievement

  • Reimi's Ending



    Viewed Reimi's ending sequence.

    All of the endings are short sections that play after you've beaten the game for each of the main characters, as well as two small epilogues that will play after the credits. It is possible to unlock all nine in one playthrough. You will have to be very careful to follow the instructions for Crowe and Faize, and be diligent to find as many PA's as possible for the other characters to get them all at once. The later someone joins your party, the harder it is to get their achievement. If you follow the guide I've made here, you will get all nine at once.

    Following the guide linked above will only be half the battle. The other half is to refrain from pickpocketing. If you do this often, your friends will see and lower their affinity for you. If you do choose to pickpocket (or just to get an extra affinity boost), using a Love Potion No. 256 can help.

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