Rapid Rabbit Wrangler Achievement

  • Rapid Rabbit Wrangler



    Earned 100 victories in class 100 bunny racing.

    To compete in Bunny Races, you first need to finish the quest "Listless Bunny" (which can only be done after "Where's the Receptionist?" and is located in the same city) which will reward you with a bunny. To win class 100 races (the hardest) your bunny will require stats around 170 in all categories, but you can max them to 200 to be safe. To increase your bunny's stats, you need to use Item Creation to make pies to feed it.
    • Speed Pie: +3 Speed
    • Acceleration Pie: +3 Acceleration
    • Stamina Pie: +3 Stamina
    • Miracle Pie: +3 [Random Stat]
    Refer to an excellent guide found here for how to go about winning these races.
  • nothing like acing my prized bunny into an early grave.

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