Celestial Slayer Achievement

  • Celestial Slayer



    Defeated Gabriel Celeste.

    Gabriel is found at the end of the Cave of the Seven Stars bonus dungeon. After beating the game, you will save once again and be placed back before the final boss. However, there will be two new teleporters: the east will transport you to the Calnus, the west to the Undying Dragon. Defeating the Undying Dragon will give you the Darkness Ring which will unlock the Cave of the Seven Stars by breaking the light-seal door in the Colosseum's west wing.

    For more information on this dungeon and boss, see here.
  • Very easy achievement to get on normal difficulty, but a bit time consuming to prepare anywhere from 4-16 hours I'd say. Beat the game, then save your game. Load up your file, you'll be in The Palace Of Creation. Go in the west room to face the Undying Dragon, defeat him to obtain the Darkness Ring. Head to EN II, buy a few observer swords, at least 1. Also buy the skill manual " Steal " teach it to Myuria, level it up to 10 equip it. Charge your Darkness ring and head to planet Aeos, Go back into the base, exit through the south exit. Go through the Undersea Tunnel. Then to the Miga Insect Warren dungeon, head to the bottom floor ( 4th floor ) fall through holes etc. Go to the chest on the eastern side covered in light, use your Darkness Ring to get Dragons Roar Ski
  • Skill Manual. Teach it to Arumat, level it up to 10 equip 3 to 1 trigger if possible, along with the Auto Healing skill level 10, if you have it. ( DUNGEON PREP this is what I used, and it was a fairly easy dungeon, I used Arumat as my lead spam Dragon's Roar for sweet damage on everything, I also had Sarah in my party her tactic was set to 'Stay out of trouble' turn all of her attacking spells off by going to the main menu, then skills, use skills, then under symbols, hit X on everything that doesn't buff or heal you and unequip her triggers only leave her healing spells on to survive battles, I also had Bacchus for Black Hole Sphere and Edge for extra damage, Gabriel is immune to elements so, magic attacks don't work too well, but Myuria is worth leveling up a little,
  • to make synthesis easier and the like. ) Go to the Coliseum of Tatroi on planet Roak, Once inside follow the western most wall around to a door covered in light, make sure your Darkness Ring is charged, use it on the door to enter the Seven Star Dungeon. Proceed to the bottom floor ( floor 7, just spam Dragon's roar with Arumat Sarah should do all the healing for you, maybe turn off all the single target heals and leave on farie healing if you're having too much trouble on the bosses level up a bit ) Each floor has a 'elevator type room', but the catch is, it's broken so you need to defeat the boss of the floor to get access the chest containing a Stone Fragment there are usually a few per floor you will be able to tell how many you need by the square room you start
  • in the corners have a little lit up stone type thing in it. for each one missing/unlit you need to collect a Stone Fragment on the floor return and set it in the slot to get access to the next floor, use the map go to each treasure chest until you get enough. ( floor 4 is a little different, no boss, elevator is on the west side, not the room you start in requires 4 Stone Fragments ) Once you're on the 7th floor you can get the most important skill for item creation, the " Duplication " skill for Arumat once you get it immediately teach it to Arumat, level it to 10, then leave the dungeon. Make sure you have the following, sacrifice x2 ( sacrificial? i cant remember the item that auto revives you when you die ) doll a few aqua berries ( at least 4 ), Bracteate x1, Pl
  • Platinum x4, Thunder Gem x4 level up Meracles crafting skill to 9. Also you make sure you have, Raw Animal Meat x1, Seasonings x1, Vegetables x1, White Rice x2, and Reimi's " Cooking " skill at level 4 *******OR******* Common Egg x1, Raw Animal Meat x1, Special Warishita Sauce x1, White Rice x2 and Remi's " Cooking " skill level 3 Either or will work you don't need both, I used the 2nd one personally. Head to the Calnus in Nox Obscurus Go to Welch/Item Creation Terminal, create recipe, then put meracle in a group then mix and match characters until you have a total of 6 smtihery, 10 alchemy, 16 craft, and 10 sense. I think I used Meracle, Arumat, and Sarah. Were after the " Slayer's Bangle " recipe why? because this game has a system called factors, which is pretty much
  • bonus attributes attached to every item, and the " Slayer's Bangle " has one that's very useful. The most factors any thing can have is 4 you can tell how many a item has by when you go to ' Use Items ' in the menu and you highlight a item/select it and hit X a few times you'll see something called " Factors " under the " rarity " of the item. Once you have the " Slayer's Bangle " recipe create 1 using the above mentioned items. If however you have let's say 1 platinum you can duplicate it until you get how many you want the catch? you need " Magical Clay " there's two ways of getting it one way is more effective then the other, the other I don't recommend unless you haven't prepared for the better method or are in a spot and only need a few. At level 10 Duplicating most it
  • items cost 1 magical clay some cost up to 11. Regardless if you have all the above mentioned items or not, you're going to need some Magical Clay at the least you're going to need 4. This method, doesn't require any preparation other than leveling Bacchus's Mining Skill to 10, but it takes longer and is very boring. Go to EN II centropolis on the west side is the inn on the OPPOSITE side is another building head to it and step on the portal ( exclamation point) you will then be in a familiar area head to each mining point, and press B you should get 1 to 3 magical clay once you mine each point return to the Calnus to reset the mining points then repeat until you get the desired amount. Now that you have 4 Magical Clay return to the Calnus bring up the item creation screen
  • screen go to synthesis select sacrifice doll as your base item synth the Slayer's Bangle onto it duplicate the sacrifice doll that you just synthed the slayers bangle onto at least 3 times ( recommended 4 in case you mess up ) now find one of myurias weapons with 4 free factors on it, I used her symbol staff ( her starting weapon ) go to item creation then synthesis use the symbol staff as your base item ( or weapon you got that has 4 free/ open factors for her ) now synthesis 4 of the sacrifice dolls you duplicated on to the symbol staff. Equip the symbol staff on Myuria, and her steal ability, set everyones tactics in your party to dont do anything or in battle set them to manual except for sarah i had her on stay out of trouble with her heals on so i wouldnt die equip your
  • best defensive gear on your characters ( optional, but very helpful teach the HP boost skill to sarah and myuria at least level it up 10 and equip it) now you're ready for the better of the 2 magical clay farming methods. If you have extra Magical Clay you can skip this next part but more then likely youre going to need 20+ Go back to the seven star dungeon, go to the first floor. The enemy we are after is the skeleton looking one i think its called bone knight? im not sure but it looks like a skeleton with a sword and shield, kill any nearby enemies so they dont bother you enter the battle with the skeleton go up to each skeleton ( set Myuria as your leader ) attack each one until you successfully steal a item from it repeat this on all skeletons, bring up the menu esc
  • escape the battle wait a few seconds enter battle again with the skeleton again and repeat you should be getting magical clay or hyper potion each steal from them this is my personal favorite and probably the most efficient of the two magical clay farming methods. Here is a video of the above mentioned method for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbRJD42XuoU Get 20 magical clay, return to the Calnus more synthesis on the way. Go to welch now create items, put Reimi in a group mix and match characters until you get the stats( example remi edge and lymle have 10 smithing, i know they dont but add edges 10 reimis 10 and lymles 10 and youll have 30 thats the gist of it ) 12 cooking 4 artistry 9 comp and 7 sense ***** OR ***** 11 cooking 4 comp and 3 sense, now start
  • inventing recipes until you get the " Curry Rice " or " Oyakodon " recipe ( they give + exp factors ) Once you get either or recipe create the item, now if my memory is correct these have a extra factor that you do not want SO, go to synthesis use the sacrifice doll as your base item syth two aqua berries onto it THEN synth the oyakodon or curry rice onto it. Duplicate the aqua berry exp sacrifice doll you just created 3 times ( I reccomend 4 in case you mess up ) go to synthesis again use the observer sword as your base item synth the 4 sacrifice dolls you duplicated onto it you should have a observer sword with 4 EXP +20% factors on it With your new EXP + 80% Observer Sword duplicate it 4-16 times ( 4 times if youre going to use the same equipment for everyone more if
  • not, laser suits and lasers weapons etc ) pick out the characters equip weapons and armor with 4 free/open factor slots accessories with with 3 free/open factor slots, use those as your base item in synthesis then synth 1 observer sword onto it ( armor doesn't matter stats don't matter as long as you have the + EXP factors on it, you won't be getting hit so you can use starter equipment etc ) You should have + exp factors on every piece of equipment you're going to equip on your character except for Bacchus's weapon which should be the scumbag slayer ( I synthed 1 exp factor onto it ) With all your exp gear, move Bacchus into your party set him as leader equip black hole sphere to one of the triggers, and your just about ready to power level. Go teleport to Tatroi now whe
  • when you arrive instead of going straight to town walk around a bit to find some enemies fill up your bonus board with blue tiles ( kill a enemy with a critical hit/blindside ) once done head into the seven star dungeon go to floor 6 go to the northwest corner search the area for a metal scumbang ( shiny thief looking enemy ) put everyone on manual switch to Bacchus use black hole sphere they all die you get 2 million exp battle is move a step or two, go to your menu go to use skills select Meracle use ocarina to respawn the metal scumbag then repeat until you hit lvl 200 hundred with your desired party members ( i did myuria a long with my main party so it would be easier to get magical clay ) Here is a youtube video for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrEy8e0_1m
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrEy8e0_1m8 Now that you're level 200 with your main party all that's left is making some more gear for the gabriel fight and getting the stars in seven star dungeon. Gabriel can stun you as well as paralysis you so the ideal neck acessory should be base item anti paralysis amulet synth a "DANGER DO NOT DRINK!" ( i think it is i could be wrong but it should give you the ' grants immunity to stun ' factor ) that is the minimum equipment you should have. Now you can skip this next section if your confident you can defeat him. For your weapon consider synthesising hp damage + 35%, add stun effect to attacks, + attack %, and or increased critical strike chance ( i can't remember what the items are for the factors so just google it, sorry ) Fo
  • For armor, restores 3% hp periodically, ( or use the auto heal ability, recommended along with critical ) increase chance of surviving incap via fury, nullify hp damage 25% of the time, HP + 25 %, and or Def + 20% for your remaining accessory factors you can choose to add def or hp + 20 %, increase chance of surviving incap via fury, increase critical strike chance, and or restore hp % periodically. Now with all your newly synthesized gear ( or just your new accessories ) head to the seven star dungeon, the 7th floor there will be a exclamation point on the map head to it and examine it or try and it should trigger a boss fight defeat it ( spam dragons roar, have sarah heal, possibly have bacchus use black hole sphere ) now go to the item hit A to collect this allows you to
  • collect the rest of the stars in the dungeon there is one on each floor go and collect them once done return to floor 7 head to the south circular room heal up activate the elevator itll take you to the inner sanctum where you will face Gabriel. Go to the middle to trigger the fight with Gabriel, have Arumat as your leader and sarah as your ' stay out of trouble ' healer have Arumat taunt gabriel lead him to one corner of the map and start spamming dragons roar, now if you can multi task move sarah to the opposite corner if she isnt there already have her cast enhance on arumat 3 times to boost up your attack also setting your beat to b helps a lot to Gabriel has about 5 million health so this will be a long fight use rush combos when available keep gabriel in the corner ke
  • keep chaining dragons roar dodge his attacks when you can, sarah should take care of all the healing consider taking off all spells except resurrect, farie healing, and enhance as she will heal the entire party buff their attack and revive when needed. It shouldn't be too hard with your party being level 200 and having some nice synthesized gear i mentioned earlier, I only had to fight him once i did get in one bind where i had to use some fresh sage to revive a character or two but other then that it was just time consuming after widling away his hp and spamming dragons roar to your hearts content you should get a pop, achievement unlocked, Celestial slayer congratulations ps i know my grammar is messed up on this it took a long time to type, i dont want to re read and edit
  • this thanks for reading and sorry for typing so much if i did message me if you have any questions, i'll do my best to get back to you, also again sorry for how many posts this took
  • ...
  • ^ Lol. Wow that's a long process. I'll have to read it through when I get the game again. Thanks!
  • well i for one am happy to have another chance to kill good old gabriel.
  • that whole walkthrough sounds like more of a maze than star ocean: Till the end of time, i was hoping to go through another 100 floors again like for etheral queen and the other super bossses, well it is time for me to go beat celestial again anyway :D

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