Ethereal Executioner Achievement

  • Ethereal Executioner



    Defeated the Ethereal Queen.

    The Ethereal Queen is found at the end of the Wandering Dungeon bonus dungeon. Once you have cleared the Cave of the Seven Stars, take the elevator in En II back to the Road to the Old Sanctuary and speak with Barago, Keeper of Past Knowledge. He will guide you to the Wandering Dungeon.

    For more information on this dungeon and boss, see here.
  • ok i really hate this bitch!!! your stopping me from getting 2 achievements, i hate you!!!
  • I had the utmost pleasure of beating her ass into the ground on the hardest difficulty in Infinite Undiscovery hehe. Felt good man. She still slaps me around like a red-headed step child in this game, though.

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