- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (2/10 for 200)
- Offline 12 (235 )
- Online (Can be boosted)
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 5 (1-3 Hours for 200)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 10-15
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Star Trek DAC is based upon the 2009 movie that's in theaters. The game includes various weapon upgrades through out the game marked as white floating squares, orange powerups with special abilities (Orange Squares). The game includes 3 classes to choose from (Fighter, Bomber and Capitial Ship).

Step #1: Preparation
When earning achievements use the Cheat Code to unlock the Kobayashi Maru Achievement - during game press start to pause, press: then unpause - giving your ship quicker shield recharge and shield regeneration. This also helps improve your weapons fire rate and now when boosting your ships speed isn't taken off your available weapon power. The code can only be used in single player and can be used in all game types.

Step #2: Playing the game
Even as hard as some of the achievements look, most of them can be earned by playing the game in single player with or without AI controlled bots. Without using the bots you can pretty much do all the capture achievements yourself, which can take roughly 25-30 minutes to get.

Step #3: Finishing the 200
If you can't get the 200 or roughly around the 180+ some of the achievements might need to be boosted. So far, the only achievement that you could have trouble with during this is the Nero's rage achievement. I got this by spawn camping the enemy spawn point and waiting for a group of them to spawn in that area, already having the invulnerability power up picked up.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The quickest and simplest way to get the achievements in the game is to just hack away at it. Sit down and play it. Some of the achievements will come naturally and looking below at the completed guide will show you the easiest way to obtain the achievements.
DLC: Deluxe Edition
Firstly, follow the achievement guide to get Dreadnought with relative easy. Now comes by far the hardest achievement in the game, Captain on the Bridge. This will most likely be very frustrating and cause you to pull many things out of many places, but keep at it and it will eventually come. Follow the achievement guide, but personally I averaged around 6-7 million each time, then pulled 13 million out of nowhere, so it seems lady luck does have her part to play.

Conclusion: The games a simple 200 with minimal boosting required. You can do this single player so Live Gold isn't fully required for those who don't have the Live Accounts.
[x360a would like to thank FourChan for this Road Map]
[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for the DLC addition]

Star Trek D-A-C Achievement Guide

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There are 14 achievements with a total of 235 points

  • Earn 1 kill with each ship class

    Get at least one kill in each of the three ships. This does not have to be done in a single match.
  • Be the first to die in a Versus multiplayer match

    Just die first in a Versus multiplayer match. This can be done is Solo Mode - host a match with one AI player and let it kill you.
  • Earn 25 cumulative point captures in Conquest

    Keep capturing points in Conquest until the achievement unlocks. This can be obtained in Solo Mode with no opponents.
  • Earn 250 cumulative kills in Team Deathmatch

    Have a total of 250 kills from playing Team Deathmatch. The bomber is the most damaging ship and will net the most kills. The Kobayashi Maru code can help with this.
  • Capture a point with the aid of your own wingman

    Start a Solo match with no opponents in Conquest or Assault, before capturing a point obtain the Wingman powerup and use just before the point is fully captured.
  • Capture all 4 points in a single Assault match

    Create a Solo match with no opponents. Simply capture all the points to win the match and unlock this achievement.
  • Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game

    Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game. Points are earned by upgrading your ship and getting kills. The Kobayashi Maru code will help. This can be obtained in the same match as "Starfleet Medal of Honor". You need 22 kills to get this many points.
  • Earn 50 cumulative Escape Pod kills

    After you kill an opponent, they should launch an escape pod. Kill an escape pod before it warps off of the map 50 times. This is easier to do in the Fighter and the Kobayashi Maru code will help.
  • No deaths or ejections, plus at least 15 kills, in a single match

    Win a match getting 15 kills without dying or ejecting. This is easiest to do 1v1 against either the AI or a boosting buddy. If you're going against the AI, always try to have an invincibility power-up ready and Kobayashi Maru code entered.
  • Don’t die or shoot, yet capture 3 points (including the enemy base) in a Conquest match

    Simply create a Solo Conquest match with no opponents and win, taking care not to accidentally fire.
  • Destroy 3 enemies while using a single invulnerability powerup

    Play a Conquest match with max AI, input the Kobayashi Maru code and select the fighter. Fly around collecting yellow orbs until you get a power-up that looks like a shield. Fly into a point that is being defended by three or more enemies, activate the power-up and hold down while aiming to easily destroy them.

Secret achievements

  • Some achievements are unachievable... unless you cheat

    Press start, then: , , , , , in a single-player game. This increases fire rate and ammo/turbo regeneration, but does not disable achievements.

DLC: Deluxe Edition

There are 2 achievements with a total of 35 points

  • Destroy all 5 ship classes plus 1 escape pod using the Missile Cruiser in Versus.

    Simply start up a Versus Team Deathmatch game against the AI. Change the settings to max amount of time, max kills, max number of opponents and change the difficulty to Easy. Choose the Missile Cruiser and keep playing until you get it.

  • Earn the Captain rank in Survival Mode

    This one was surprisingly tough. You need to earn at least 10,000,000 points to reach Captain rank and the points are not cumulative from game to game. I did it with the Bomber class because it is the fastest ship and has a powerful weapon. The Bomber is also the weakest class and can only take 2-3 hits once the enemies become red. Be patient and play conservatively. Stick to the edges of the maps because many enemies tend to gather in the middle. Use your crappy powerups immediately to try and get Invincibility, and save it until you're about to die. There is one level where a ton of space pirate ships come and drop huge amounts of point boxes; there are also Temporal Distortion powerups on this level you can use to gather a lot of point boxes. More importantly than trying to get kills and points, stay alive. Patience really is key.


    As a possible alternate method, I just used a flagship myself. I don't know if you get bonuses to your score with a bomber but by using a flagship and being accurate, I got an extra 5,405,847 points with my in-game score being 6,778,750. These added up and put me well over the 10,000,000 mark.

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