Another Bug Hunt Achievement in Starfield

  • Another Bug Hunt



    Eliminate 300 Creatures

  • How to unlock Another Bug Hunt

    The “Another Bug Hunt” achievement is a bit of a pain, in all honesty. It’s one of the few achievements in Starfield that you’ll probably have to grind. Personally, I spent an insane amount of time exploring planets and taking on creatures that got in my way, and after 100 hours, I’d only killed 250. But yes, for this achievement, you have to kill 300 creatures - i.e. what passes for fauna in Starfield.

    So, head to planets and aimlessly kill the local wildlife. If I can, however, offer some advice. If you are short of this naturally and you need to grind it out a little bit, I’d suggest finding a planet that has resources you need: for example, you may need Structural resources, so you can make stuff like Storage Crates for your Outposts. If you're looking for a certain material, find it on a planet and grind there i.e. kill 300 creatures on planets where you need to farm stuff so that you can grow Adhesive back at your base camp - which you’ll need for Soldier of Fortune (30G), if you actually want to craft the best weapon mods in the game.

    However you do it, though, kill 300 creatures and this achievement is all yours.

    To keep track of how many creatures you’ve killed, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Combat, where it’ll tell you how many “Creatures [you’ve] killed.”

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