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    Join Ryujin Industries

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    Ryujin Industries is a mega-corporation, based in the city of Neon, on the water planet of Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Ryujin is interested in the future, and in those who have the brains - and the cash, naturally - to shape it. The Ryujin Industries faction is one of four factions in Starfield, and while the UC Vanguard and Freestar Rangers are most certainly the “good guys” and the Crimson Fleet are the “bad guys,” the Ryujin Industries faction is the middle ground. The shades of grey!

    If you’re interested in getting a little Cyberpunk and unleashing your inner Corpo, then Ryujin is the faction for you. And Volii Alpha is where you need to head.

    See our Starfield How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide for more of an in-depth guide on where to go and who to speak to, to start on this chaotic questline.

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