Boots on the Ground Achievement in Starfield

  • Boots on the Ground



    Land on 100 Planets

  • How to unlock Boots on the Ground

    In order to unlock the Boots on the Ground achievement all you need to do is land on 100 planets. You don’t need to do anything on them, just land on them - you don’t even need to get out of your ship.

    The quickest way to do this is to find a galaxy with lots of planets, and just use the menu system to bounce from one to the next. So, go to Starmap in the main menu, go to a star system, click on a Planet, click Set Course, then hold button-x.png to travel. This will take you to the orbit or said planet. There, hit button-a.png on the planet, then button-x.png to open the map up, and then button-a.png to set a landing target, and then button-x.png to travel. Rinse and repeat 100 times.

    I wouldn’t personally rush this, though, to be honest, as a lot of the different quests, faction quests and side quests take you to a whole host of different planets. If you’ve still not visited 100 planets by the time you’ve done everything, I’ll be very shocked.

    To keep track of how many planets you’ve landed on, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Exploration, where it’ll tell you how many “Planets [you’ve] Landed On.” Get that number to 100, and you’ll unlock this achievement.

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