Cyber Jockey Achievement in Starfield

  • Cyber Jockey



    Bypass 50 Digital Locks

  • How to unlock Cyber Jockey

    “Bypass 50 Digital Locks” is basically Bethesda lingo and future Starfield speak for “pick 50 locks.” Lockpicking in Starfield is drastically different to what it’s been like in previous Bethesda Game Studios games - in fact, many would argue that it’s a massive improvement as far as mini-games go.

    If you’re struggling to work out how to lockpick in Starfield, check out our Starfield – How does lock picking work? guide for assistance on the mechanics and how they work.

    In terms of advice:
    • Check out our Starfield - Here’s the best backgrounds to choose guide to see which classes start with lockpicking, so you can hack digital locks with Digilocks straight out the gate.
    • We’ve also prepared a guide for where to buy Digipicks in Starfield (Digilocks are essentially the game’s lockpicks).
    • Invest in the Security skill when possible (the Security skill is all about hacking locks) so you can work your way up the ranks quickly, and access harder locks.
    • And finally, to give yourself a good head start in getting all 50, in the main mission, “The Empty Nest,” you’ll head to the GalBank in Akila City, specifically the vault. While the main objective is to find Solomon’s Maps, there are a good 5-10 safes to pick which can help you work your way through the Security skill challenges and get some good numbers in the bank for this achievement.

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