Dark Matter Achievement in Starfield

  • Dark Matter



    Eliminate 300 Human Enemies

  • How to unlock Dark Matter

    While Another Bug Hunt (20G) is a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to killing 300 creatures, because you’ll likely need to grind a few of those out, “Dark Matter” is the exact opposite.

    In fact, I’d killed 300 human enemies in no time whatsoever in Starfield, and finished the main campaign (with very little deviation) killing 450 human enemies.

    To keep track of how many human enemies you’ve killed, hit the button-page.png button, then hit button-y.png and then scroll down to Combat, where it’ll tell you how many “People [you’ve] killed.”

    Shoot people, lots of them, and get this achievement. It’s as simple as that.

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