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    Join the Freestar Rangers

  • How to unlock Deputized

    Space cowboys! The Freestar Rangers operate out in the space equivalent of the frontier, in “Freestar Collective” space. If you wish to become a space cowboy yourself, then you’ll need to head out to the Cheyenne System, and to the planet Akila, whose eponymous capital city, Akila City, is home to the Freestar Rangers. This is where you have to go to join.

    You can head to Akila City whenever you want to start the Freestar Rangers faction, and as with the UC Vanguard faction, the Freestar Rangers faction has you protecting the little guys. Want to become one of the universe’s protectors? Well, at least in Freestar Collective space, then this is the faction for you.

    See our Starfield How to join the Freestar Rangers faction guide for more assistance on where to go and what to do exactly to kick off this faction questline.

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