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    Of all the faction storylines in Starfield, the Ryujin Industries one is perhaps one of the more interesting. While you’re fighting the good fight when you’re part of the UC Vanguard and the Freestar Rangers, and blending in as evil scum when joining the Crimson Fleet, the Ryujin Industries faction questline is all about the shades of grey. 

    As is the case for all the other factions, the Ryujin Industries faction storyline also has 3 achievements. You’ll get Back to the Grind (10G) for starting the faction; Guilty Parties (10G) for completing one of the latter quests; and this here achievement for completing the last quest, “Executive Level.”

    There are a whopping 13 missions in the Ryujin Industries questline - more than any other faction - and they are as follows:
    • Back to the Grind
    • One Step Ahead
    • A New Narrative
    • Access is Key
    • Sowing Discord
    • Accidents Happen
    • Maintaining the Edge
    • Top Secrets
    • Background Checks
    • Guilty Parties
    • The Key Ingredient
    • Sabotage
    • Executive Level
    If you’ve not started the Ryujin Industries faction and really want to get involved (you totally should), then check out our Starfield - How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide for more assistance.

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