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    Complete "Guilty Parties"

  • How to unlock Guilty Parties

    While all the other factions reward players with the second faction achievement after the sixth mission of eight or nine missions, you’re going to need to finish a whopping ten missions before you get the second of three Ryujin Industries faction missions.

    Like all the factions in Starfield, in the Ryujin Industries faction you’ll receive Back to the Grind (10G) for starting the faction; this here Guilty Parties achievement for finishing the 10th mission; and Executive Level (30G) for finishing the 13th and final Ryujin Industries faction quest - for a full rundown of all 13 missions, check out the Executive Level (30G) achievement guide write-up.

    If you still haven’t joined the Ryujin Industries faction, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Ryujin Industries faction guide to know how to do so.

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