Jacked In Achievement in Starfield

  • Jacked In



    Access 50 Computers

  • How to unlock Jacked In

    In order to unlock get the “Jacked In” achievement in Starfield, all you basically need to do is interact with 50 computers. You don’t need to read everything on the workstations, you don’t need to turn off turrets or robots, you literally just need to interact with it.

    Computers are dotted all over Starfield, from abandoned Outposts to heavily defended encampments, just make sure to keep your eye open for powered up computer displays, and then when you see one, interact with it. You’ll usually find a few in structures dotted all over each planet, as Bethesda attempted to tell micro-stories with environmental storytelling at every chance it got.

    Interact with 50 different computers and this achievement will unlock - incidentally, for this achievement, it doesn’t matter if they are locked or completely unlocked computer stations, they all count.

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