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    The Crimson Fleet is Starfield’s Dark Brotherhood questline. A chance for you to step into the shoes of the bad guys and cause absolute chaos. Like the other factions in Starfield, the Crimson Fleet faction storyline has 3 achievements: Rook Meets King (10G) for joining the Crimson Fleet; The Best There Is (10G) for completing the 6th mission; and “Legacy’s End” for finishing the final quest and completing the faction.

    There are 9 missions in all, and they are:
    • Deep Cover
    • Rook Meets King
    • Burden of Proof
    • Echoes of the Past
    • Breaking the Bank
    • The Best There Is
    • Absolute Power
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Legacy's End
    If you haven’t yet joined the Crimson Faction, because honestly, it’s not the most straightforward to join, then check out our Starfield - How to join the Crimson Fleet faction guide - it covers every single way to join the faction from the undercover cop route, to the full on criminal route. Your call. Just be wary that the latter might piss off your companions, so do bear that in mind. Especially if you're going after The Family You Choose (20G) achievement.

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