Life Begets Life Achievement in Starfield

  • Life Begets Life



    Gather 500 Organic Resources

  • How to unlock Life Begets Life

    While Rock Collection (10G)  covers inorganic material collection (i.e. collecting rocks and the like using the laser cutter), the “Life Begets Life” achievement covers everything organic. So, in short: picking resources off plants and trees, and killing animals and taking their innards (unless you have the Zoology Rank 1, that is, which allows you to get resources from animals without killing them).

    However, because you need to kill 300 creatures for the Another Bug Hunt (20G) achievement, you may as well kill everything that moves on a planet and harvest their organic resources, and kill two birds with one stone. Or, at least two things that look like birds...

    To make this a little easier on yourself, try investing in the Zoology skill in the Science skill tree, because as you move up the ranks, you’ll harvest more resources from creatures. The same goes for the Botany skill in the Science skill tree too, which will allow you to harvest more resources from plants.

    Harvest 500 in total and this achievement is yours. We recommend combining this with Rock Collection (10G) and completing planet survey bars, as you can make some pretty decent coin by selling the data surveys for credits to either Phil Hill (found in Cydonia and the Den, amongst other places), Vlad or any other trader.

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