Privateer Achievement in Starfield

  • Privateer



    Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions

  • How to unlock Privateer

    Starfield has many, many different types of missions if you look in the Missions section of the button-page.png screen (down on the left joystick). You’ll have Main missions, Faction missions, Misc. Missions, Mission Missions and Activities.

    The two we need for this achievement are:
    • Misc Missions - Miscellaneous missions in Starfield are essentially the game’s side quests, of which there are absolutely tons of them. Side missions mostly come around by talking to people and following up on Activities - which turn into fully-fledged side missions.
    • Mission Missions - There are various different types of Mission missions in Starfield, and the majority of these come from digital notice boards which you can find in the local watering holes - you can even build the kiosks at your Outpost too. They come in various different forms, whether that’s Freestar Collective missions, Constellation missions and a general mission board (where you can do surveys, take on bounty hunter missions, space combat missions and more).
    Simply finish 30 of these missions and this achievement will pop. Even though I was mainlining the story on my first playthrough I still managed to do 31 of these without even trying, and my quest log is still absolutely full of them too (I’ve still got 23 of them just sat there waiting to be done).

    For a full list of every Starfield side quest, check out our Starfield side mission (i.e. Misc. Missions) guide, check out the guide through the link:

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