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    Reach Level 100

  • How to unlock Reach for the Stars

    In Starfield you get XP for absolutely everything. And I mean everything. You get XP for killing enemies, killing fauna, scanning flora, heading to a planet and galaxy for the first time, discovering a planet’s traits, for crafting, for side missions, main missions, faction missions, and so on. The only thing you don’t get experience for is breathing.

    Level 100, though, is a bit of a stretch and a big ask. By the time we finished our first runthrough of the main story, dabbling in only a few side missions and a few faction missions for each faction, we ended up at a measly level 37. That means, in order to get to 100, you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more.

    Now, there are a few ways to do this.
    • Firstly, you could just go around and do missions. Obviously the main missions and faction missions should be your go-to. But after that, there's tons of side missions and general missions (that repeat) that you could do for good XP from both mission completion and combat points of view. You need to finish all factions anyway if you’re going to get all 1,000Gs.
    • Secondly, you could survey planets and explore the galaxy. Not only will you get XP for going to a new star system, a new galaxy and for scanning new flora and fauna, but you can also make some decent money this way too - and get important resources for the third and perhaps best strategy.
    • Thirdly, our suggestion is crafting. Now, the crafting strategy for XP isn’t a glitch per se, but it can be exploited if you have the time and patience. But basically, you need to create a resource farming operation and then use the Manufacturing Bench to create items in bulk (which you can also sell and make a load of money too). We've created a step-by-step guide on how to level up fast and get to level 100 with relative ease. Check it out here: Starfield - How to level up fast (Xbox). In short, to get lots of XP, you basically need lots of mining and lots of storage, before spam creating a variety of different objects in the name of XP.

    One final note on this, don’t forget to use food to get XP buffs & sleep often to get the Well-Rested status effect bonus (10% XP gain for 24-minutes) to give you a slight boost in XP earned.

    Interestingly, Starfield doesn't seem to have a level cap either (it definitely isn't 100), so if you find a strategy, you can effectively unlock every single skill in the game, and become truly unstoppable.

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